What's for Dinner #29 - 01/2018 - New Year 2018 Edition

Glass of wine with a coworker after work. Yes, just one. :stuck_out_tongue:

A provolone burger on a lightly toasted English muffin with lettuce and ketchup and homemade fry-chips alongside.

The “chips” look a lot better than they actually were. They were supposed to be French fries, but I didn’t have any Russet potatoes, so Yukon Golds were thinly sliced and double-fried. Some were soggy French-fryish, some were semi-potato chip-ish. Meh.

There was more wine. It’s Friday. Not that that means anything.


Need recipe … please!

Friday Linda, :grin::tongue: It does mean something.

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Random question for you- i think you buy kite hill products? I have before and i love the soft cheese and cream cheese. But i bought the ricotta for the first time and it has a kind of odd grainy texture…? The flavor is fine and it’s not moldy or anything but i’m wondering if the grainy texture is normal or maybe it was mishandled in transit or storage…? It’s weird.

I stopped for juicing greens last night and got distracted by this fun little box of tasty (vegan) crunchy things! So i decided to make a big salad since it wasn’t crazy cold and sounded appealing, chopped romaine, some arugala, cucumber, bell pepper, radishes, fresh cilantro and part of my ripe avocado (!!). Quick basic vinegrette, i use a heavy hand with the dijon and red wine vinegar. Then all of the fun crunchy stuff on top! Surprisingly delicious, and there’s enough left for a few more salads or whatever

I was Very Over This Week and stopped at the wine shop first! Dr Loosen reisling is my lower budget default. Snacky plate dinner with my white kimchi, edamame steamed in the pod with lemon juice and lemon pepper and salt, those rice seaweed crackers, sliced smoked tofu, and raw radishes and cucumber slices with furikake. Reisling a la carte. There’s some dark chocolate that i’ll chop fine and whisk into almond milk for hot chocolate dessert, but apparently i already ate all the marshmallows. And i don’t want to deal with making coconut whipped cream so i guess it will be naked. Maybe some cinnamon?


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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Made some gyudon and ate with some miso soup and steamed zucchini.


I’ve never noticed any graininess. I wonder if it was partially frozen at some point.

It’s turned into an ice wind storm and I was the idiot who decided to go run errands but I’m glad I did as it doesn’t look like I’ll be leaving the house this weekend. Dinner was a simple steak and sweet potato with ghee.



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Thanks, i was thinking the same thing… heck, my cucumbers were fine at the store and by the time i walked six big blocks home one was partially frozen the other night! I’ll blend this one into a soup instead of eating as is.

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It truly has been that cold!

Thanks for the reminder, lasagna or pasta bake of some sort has been floating in my head but I’m off dairy for a while so should probably pick some up. I’ll let you know if I notice any texture changes.

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I meant me having wine. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Friday or a Tuesday. :joy::hamburger::wine_glass:


Sorta-kinda football food. Country-style pork ribs covered with an often used pork rub, into a foil-lined pan and topped with slices of sweet onion, covered tightly with foil and baked in a 325° oven for about 1-1/2 hours. Foil removed, some Trader Joe’s Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce was poured on top at that point and back into a 400° oven for another 15-25 minutes.

Sides were totally non-traditional - but it IS January, so cole slaw and potato salad just didn’t seem right. Egg noodles and sauteed green beans, red bell pepper, slivers of red onion and a couple of yellow sweet baby tomatoes were sauteed in butter and olive oil, and seasoned with Penzeys Fox Point Seasoning.

Wine. And probably some Licor 43 as “dessert” while watching the game. GO PATRIOTS!!!


Snow day Saturday clam and smoked oyster chowder for dinner last night. I think it was the first time I’ve had oysters and was a nice introduction, they were pretty tasty, reminded me of mussels. I tolerated the cauliflower which is a huge win for me after weeks of stomach issues.


Dinner was street food.

The very wet paste is just rice.


More of the stall.


I like making photos of people making photos of their food.

At another stall.

I will always go for shellfish and octopus first.


The stall.



Cleaning out some leftovers. “Everything rice” with avocado. Everyone had it a bit different. The kid ate it with nori sheets. I had a leftover fried egg. Third one was with leftover poached chicken. Everyone added their own fish sauce, sriracha, soy sauce, toasted sesame seeds, fried chilis, etc. This rice started with fried shallots, carrots, salt/pepper, palm sugar, shrimp paste. Then I toasted the medium-grain rice in that for a couple minutes. Then half coconut milk, half water for the cooking liquid. Aromatics are red chili and cilantro stems (discarded after cooking.) Finished with lime juice, defrosted peas, and finally chopped cilantro.

Crispy burnt bits are only for me, something about the coconut milk/palm sugar/shrimp paste always makes these taste incredible. Worth the whole 10 minutes of elbow grease it takes to clean the pot.


In my house we “fight” for the burnt bits. I soak the pot overnight, it’s easier to clean the next day.

Your photos are amazing, @Presunto.

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