What's for Dinner #29 - 01/2018 - New Year 2018 Edition

It’s been very simple last 2 days. Yesterday, ricotta/honey/pepper with some crackers.


Today, seasoned rice, chicken skin, avocado, tomato, a few drops of soy sauce.



Pork scallopini with Caper and butter sauce. Simply dressed arugula and baby spinach with olive oil and salt. Farro Salad with dressing ,shallots , tomato. Little bit of avocado. Wine to drink . Cheers.


Pho made from some broth I had in the freezer. Too little broth but it came out ok after mixing it up. Semi dry pho I guess.


This week has been dragging but the weather has been so nice even with some drizzles but snow is on the way…sort of 0-2 feet predicted.

I stayed late last night and gave myself a 4 day weekend, house is full of food and new rowing machine arrived yesterday so should be a good weekend, hoping for more like 0 not 2 feet.

My goal this winter is to shop less often which means save on groceries and explore the few cookbooks know. I’m allowing one not really required purchase every trip and this time it was cappello’s gluten free almond flour based fettuccine and gnocchi.

Last night I experimented with the gnocchi, boiled then quick toss with ground pork, bacon, sage and butter


UGH. Potatoes are a favorite food. Having them taste wrong is just WRONG.


Aloo gosht (meat and potatoes) tonight, with white rice. Goat meat.


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Glass of wine with a coworker after work. Yes, just one. :stuck_out_tongue:

A provolone burger on a lightly toasted English muffin with lettuce and ketchup and homemade fry-chips alongside.

The “chips” look a lot better than they actually were. They were supposed to be French fries, but I didn’t have any Russet potatoes, so Yukon Golds were thinly sliced and double-fried. Some were soggy French-fryish, some were semi-potato chip-ish. Meh.

There was more wine. It’s Friday. Not that that means anything.


Need recipe … please!

Friday Linda, :grin::tongue: It does mean something.

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Random question for you- i think you buy kite hill products? I have before and i love the soft cheese and cream cheese. But i bought the ricotta for the first time and it has a kind of odd grainy texture…? The flavor is fine and it’s not moldy or anything but i’m wondering if the grainy texture is normal or maybe it was mishandled in transit or storage…? It’s weird.

I stopped for juicing greens last night and got distracted by this fun little box of tasty (vegan) crunchy things! So i decided to make a big salad since it wasn’t crazy cold and sounded appealing, chopped romaine, some arugala, cucumber, bell pepper, radishes, fresh cilantro and part of my ripe avocado (!!). Quick basic vinegrette, i use a heavy hand with the dijon and red wine vinegar. Then all of the fun crunchy stuff on top! Surprisingly delicious, and there’s enough left for a few more salads or whatever

I was Very Over This Week and stopped at the wine shop first! Dr Loosen reisling is my lower budget default. Snacky plate dinner with my white kimchi, edamame steamed in the pod with lemon juice and lemon pepper and salt, those rice seaweed crackers, sliced smoked tofu, and raw radishes and cucumber slices with furikake. Reisling a la carte. There’s some dark chocolate that i’ll chop fine and whisk into almond milk for hot chocolate dessert, but apparently i already ate all the marshmallows. And i don’t want to deal with making coconut whipped cream so i guess it will be naked. Maybe some cinnamon?


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Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Made some gyudon and ate with some miso soup and steamed zucchini.


I’ve never noticed any graininess. I wonder if it was partially frozen at some point.

It’s turned into an ice wind storm and I was the idiot who decided to go run errands but I’m glad I did as it doesn’t look like I’ll be leaving the house this weekend. Dinner was a simple steak and sweet potato with ghee.



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Thanks, i was thinking the same thing… heck, my cucumbers were fine at the store and by the time i walked six big blocks home one was partially frozen the other night! I’ll blend this one into a soup instead of eating as is.

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It truly has been that cold!

Thanks for the reminder, lasagna or pasta bake of some sort has been floating in my head but I’m off dairy for a while so should probably pick some up. I’ll let you know if I notice any texture changes.

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I meant me having wine. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Friday or a Tuesday. :joy::hamburger::wine_glass:

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