What's for Dinner #28 - 12/2017 - The Whatever Holiday Edition

Today, I dropped the pancakes so I would have the energy to get other things done today. My goals were Bahn Mi bread, and then the sandwiches for dinner. In a few minutes, I will make some chicken spinach falafel for the Spring Onion.

Back to the bread. Andrea Nyugen’s instructions are so well written that making this bread is angst free.

I had cooked some char sui sous vide, and I just heated in a very hot oven. The glaze is a beast to clean off the indoor grill, so I decided not to go that route. Made up a carrot-daikon pickle and pulled some home-made paté from the freezer. Finally, made a Sriracha mayo using my home-made mayo.

Mise en place

The end results.


It was a quiet day today. Well, until the Patriots/Steelers game came on the screen. Jeebus, those guys are gonna be the death of me with games like that! And I apologize to my neighbors for my hollering and turning the air blue during those last few minutes. :::Phew::::

The day was spent baking for work holiday goodies:

Orange-Spiced Nuts

Pumpkin-Cranberry Bread

and White Chocolate Pistachio Cookies.

Dinner was changed last minute, as what I had planned to make would have taken longer than I was willing to spend.

Pancetta was crisped and drained for the veg. Chicken thighs were seasoned with salt/pepper and browned in the pancetta fat, and then moved to a hot oven to finish roasting.

Added a half cup of chicken stock to the fat in the pan, and then added the zest of a lemon, some chopped fresh parsley and thyme, and let it simmer to reduce, adding in a a sploosh of white wine towards the end, and then mounted with several pats of butter for a sauce.

Sides were leftover dirty-mashed potatoes, and some frozen peas and the last of the summertime corn with the pancetta sprinkled on top.

T’was a good day. Except for the near coronary at the end of the game.


Isn’t that recipe great?! I’ll be making these this week, too. Do you have a recipe for the pate? I’m always looking for a way to make it a little different than my plain method.

@biondanonima and @smtucker: I used a springform pan for the Sugared Jam Cake, lining the bottom with parchment. That way no stress with having to turn it out.

@LindaWhit: the spiced nuts look lovely. I always burn these types of recipes, or underbake them. Hard to get just right. Did you use egg whites?

Happy Chanukah!


No egg whites. These are a microwave recipe!

Orange-Spiced Nuts

1 12-oz. can mixed salted nuts
2 Tbsp sugar
1 Tbsp butter
2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
2 tsp dried grated orange peel
1/4 tsp cayenne pepper (or more to taste)

In a large microwaveable mixing bowl, combine nuts, sugar, butter, and Worcestershire sauce. Cook on HIGH in microwave for 5-6 minutes until nuts are browned, stirring twice during cooking. Stir in orange peel and ground red pepper and mix well.

Spread on cookie sheet lined with foil to completely cool, stirring once or twice while cooling to break up nuts.

NOTES : I usually buy the extra large cans of Planters mixed nuts at BJ’s Wholesale Club – that makes about 2 1/2 batches of this recipe.

I also usually add more Worcestershire sauce, dried orange peel, and cayenne, depending on who I am making it for.


Here is the recipe I used this time. Fairly simple. A bit dry. I had a lovely pork liver from my pig share, so of course, I picked a recipe that really used the liver. Personally, for Bahn Mi, I think some of the seasonings could be amped up just a bit.


I probably skimped on the extra fat.

To you as well.


those ribs! sorry about the freezer loss…

Did you use the prepackaged TJ’s Fondue Cheese, or did you use TJ’s cheeses to make your own fondue? I’m planning to do fondue for Christmas Eve, and have been wondering how the packaged fondue was. At $5.99, it seems like a good deal…

I used the boxed premixed. I thought it was tasty and melted well. It tasted a bit too much of alcohol but that’s my very low tolerance and think others wouldn’t have any issue with that taste. They have 3 this year. This was the yellow box which I enjoyed more than the red cup. I haven’t tried the black cup yet.

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Leftover Indian tonight. Have to start over tomorrow. Can’t wait to have a real fridge again!


Yes, very similar! Great minds… :wink:
I do really like the raw fennel in there, although i’m also certainly a fan of endive but that falls under the too fancy for myself but i’ll buy it when making for friends or guests. Hazelnuts sound fabulous here, i’ll have to use those next time

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I lost so much fennel in the great fridge death of 2017.

I apparently cooked my chickpeas a more than i meant to yesterday - my own fault for letting them sit too long in the hot cooking liquid instead of draining right away.
I took that as A Sign and made the Zahav hummus.
So dinner last night was basically hummus, scooped up with slices of cucumber, fennel, cherry tomatoes, and some seedy crackers. Mug of hot V8 to sip with it (yes hot V8 is really good, i added a squeeze of fresh lemon too)

Tonight i did a quick sauté of cruciferous crunch with a bunch of edamame, added a good splash of trader joe’s soy vay towards the end and a little toasted sesame oil. We got a fun gift from one of our mills that included a lot of random i wasn’t interested in (like white chocolate matcha kit kats) but i’m really into these crispy peas. They say “garlic green pies” - which sounds good!- but they’re just salty garlicky crunchy peas. Two little packets went ontop of my dinner bowl for some crunch


Meatball casserole last night for dinner. It was a simple throw together meal but one of the most satisfying I’ve had in months. I think this means good things about my stress level, perhaps my appetite is waking up!


We had the same thing for dinner last night - meatballs, marinara and loads of cheese. Comfort food!


So comforting. I realized I have some pesto in the fridge so might need to repeat this week. I’ve actually been debating what to have for Christmas Eve and Day and meatballs might just be perfect.

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I would be a very happy dinner guest at your home! All those food, Indian, Vietnamien… very impressive. Sorry about your big fridge lost.

Like your fondue party! Long time I didn’t do a fondue.

Want to be at your company party. Would like to eat especially the butternut ravioli…
Like your Pumpkin Cranberry bread, thanks for inspiration.