What's For Dinner #27 - 11/2017 - the Giving Thanks Edition

last night’s sundried tomato in cream sauce pasta - very 80s, i know, but we loved it. toasted pine nuts in there, too. and lotsa parm regg. BF made himself italian sausages to go with as he can’t not have meat.

sundried tomato pasta

salad was artichoke hearts, cannellini beans, red onion, kalamata olives, dried oregano, fresh chopped Italian parsley, s&p, olive oil and a little red wine vinegar, all on a bed of arugula. super tasty. love it when tossed together things turn out right!


Tonight’s dinner was actually Pasta e Fagioli. Bad neuropathy day so I tried a new trick which I saw Lidia Bastianich utilize last week on one of her many cooking shows on Create. I made what I thought she called a pastiche, but that appears to be wrong. Anyhow, I ran the guanciale through the food processor until it was a smooshy mess. Pull that out, and did the same with the onions and parsley. Worked out just fine and saved me from tons of mincing.

Absolutely delicious.


Finally uploaded the few photos I have from Thanksgiving Dinner.


Went to the Santa Cruz Harbor today. The crab boats we’re coming in this evening. Live crab tomorrow. I I steam them, grab a beer and stand over the sink while cracking and eating them.:cowboy_hat_face:


A like icon doesn’t do that meal justice


that dinner looks wonderful! i was particularly drooling over that salad.

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i think the word you’re looking for is “pestata.” That soup looks delicious! i was thinking of making minestrone this weekend, but since the BF needs meat in every meal, i may do this instead.

Yea!!! You are right. Thank you. All I could find was a translation for glue, and that made no sense at all.

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Ready to be steamed. Mr. Big in front is 3.
5 lbs . I bought four @ 7.99 a lb . Friends are coming over for dinner. Bread , salad , cocktails, and wine.:smiley:


big boys! ours were just about 2 lbs. each at $5.99 a lb. i want to try some from Costco next. i’m not sure on the price-per-pound though. 'tis the season!

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Late dinner, but I had to cook the pork chops tonight, so I made quick cooking work of them.

Thick boneless chops seasoned well with Penzeys Tsardust seasoning mix, and browned in hot oil/butter mixture. Added a half cup of homemade chicken stock, and a heavy-duty sploosh of white wine and simmered, mostly covered, until the liquid was reduced and chops were done. Added some cider syrup, reduced a bit more, and they were done.

Roasted Yukon Gold potatoes tossed with olive oil, salt, garlic powder, and Penzeys Fine Herbs, and staemed green beans alongside, along with my triple-apple applesauce.



Dinner tonight was a bit of a cop out, but neither of us was feeling full strength. So, I warmed a boxed tomato soup [Pacific Organic] and made some grilled cheese sandwiches using the French loaf I baked for turkey sandwiches and 3-year aged Cheddar cheese. Simple but delicious.


there’s no cop-out when you’re using bread you baked yourself! it looks fab.

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Cop out? That’s a perfect easy dinner!

I’m on vacation! I had hoped to spend time cooking more elaborate things than I can when working but I don’t wanna and am loving the simple but tasty life.

I’m currently obsessed with sweet potatoes. Sunday night I threw together a quick bowl of Thanksgiving leftovers with Trader Joe’s frozen mashed sweet potatoes, leftover turkey, bacon and two hefty pats of butter. It was oh so satisfying. Dessert was frozen yogurt with Trader Joe’s mixed nut butter.

I’m doing a trial of Butcher Box for a few months so tonight I plan to sous vide sirloin steaks. Has anyone tried Butcher Box? I usually buy grass fed and pastured so it seems like a good deal.


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I made cranberry sauce and stuffing and roasted a bone in turkey breast over the stuffing the week of TG so DH could have his turkey sandwich. Thanksgiving I made 2 rib roasts, one we ate on TG in front of the fire in our pajamas, a very underrated way to celebrate the day, and such an easy meal to prepare … the other we had the next night when we had several neighbors over … It was just fine reheated, would never have known. Made a stock with the rib bones and had French onion soup later in the week, a request from DH.

My plate, the hunk

DH preferred sliced


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“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

Market stall in Lima
Credit: TXMX 2