What's for Dinner #24 - 08/2017 - Hot Summer Nights on Grill Continue

I absolutely love corn chowder, everything in your photo looks so appealing.

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I wish!

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Homemade kombucha is the best! Reminds me, I need to bottle my brew this weekend

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I think I’ll do wider, I cut about 1/4 inch wide

That is a killer view along the coast. Are there any ticks there?
I love to be outdoor but heard of two cases of tick bites , probably from the lone star tick that causes anaphylactic reaction to red meat and dairy in our area. I always find tick when I am working outdoor. Apparently, it is from a carb that these ticks have called alpha gal

Is the photo Pacific Grove?

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Wow, you are GOOD. Yes, photo was from PG looking towards monterey

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thanks for compliment but good what? I am not a good photographer and when cooking and entertaining, sometimes, overcook ( as the spring rolls) but dod not want to do it ahead of time , looks great presentation but the freshness and crispiness is not there
Also has another party tomorrow?
Son wants crabs and? paella? do not know

Meat ball with tomato sauce and couscous.

I seldom make meatball, but this one was quite good. Half beef, half semi fat pork, with chopped coriander, shallot, garlic, aged bread, parmesan, a sparkle of lemon vinegar, chili flakes, s&p and olive oil. The old bread was the best part, I chopped them up briefly with the mixer. Baked the meatballs in the oven for 10 minutes, the big piece of bread gave a nice crispy touch. I forgot adding the egg. The sauce was a quickie, tomato sauce with coriander seeds, cumin and paprika, sugar, salt, black pepper and Harissa, add some mint leaves. was a success, everybody overate.

Definitely different style from yours, yours look perfect!


I made the classic Neapolitan/Sicilian meatballs in a tomato sauce laced with fresh basil from the garden. The one thing I did differently was substitute ground turkey for the veal. I also soaked the stale bread in heavy cream. The red gravy is so delicious after you have been slow simmering the meatballs in it for a couple hours.

I always try to use up the basil this time of year before the nights turn cold.

Yours look tasty too.

Do you have a good recipe for Vietnamese meat balls? Those things are awesome.

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Yeah, I have tried once. Really good except I overcooked the balls. I will try to find the recipe.

Just another way to eat more fresh corn.

I put the cheese near the edge of the plate because it was melting fast on top of the food. Only 5 ingredients in this meal.

Don’t like coconut milk (and most dishes with it, unsurprisingly) but love coconut water. This ingredient is used quite a bit in southern Vietnamese dishes as the south has the climate for growing tropical plants and fruits.

Taste is mild.

This one is our favourite of the two. Has a pronounced pungent taste which comes from (purple) shrimp paste.

The use of belly pork in Vietnamese is a lot more common than we know. It’s also in this dish. I used Greenlandic prawns in both these dishes. The prawns are smaller and the shell is soft you can just eat everything.


Just think of it as bacon without the smoke and cure. Pretty much a universal flavoring agent.

I’ve started a new thread here:

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Sorry i meant for emglow being able to identify the town i was in from the photo of the coastline…
(But you are obviously very good at cooking! I’m always impressed by your meals!)

I got that only after I replied.
Thanks for compliment

Pancetta wrapped pork tenderloin with herb (Penzey’s foxpoint) creamy sheep’s milk cheese alongside roasted asparagus and sautéed mushrooms.


On his show on PBS, Steven Raichlen just painted onion rings with sriracha, wrapped them in bacon, and smoked them. Looked pretty damn good.


That’s the original recipe I got the idea from. I’m thinking adding some spice would be nice.

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They sure looked good, as do yours.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold