What's for Dinner #23 - 07/2017 - the Summertime Picnic & Grilling Edition

How does Dukes mayonnaise compare to best foods.? I am about ready to order some Dukes.

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IMO a little more vinegar less of a chemical taste
Sorry… you didn’t actually ask me … just my two cents

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I believe Best Foods is the same as Hellmans? If so, then Dukes has more acid. It is really good. As regional favorite it is so popular that Costco sells it in a gallon sized container !

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SV skate wing. Fried in goose fat for the partner (who is a bit underweight). Only made a couple of photos and now I literally split 1 photo in half so you can actually see the food.

Purple cauli steamed half way first, then tossed in OO and seasoning (just Montreal steak seasoning which I put in a grinder) and grilled/roasted.

I don’t particularly like cauli unless it’s roasted.


8 chicken breasts were seasoned with salt and thyme and are currently in the SV water bath at 150f. Still have an hour or so to go.

The little extra skin the store leaves on was scraped of fat, seasoned the same and placed between two sheet pans lined with parchment paper and put in a 350 oven to brown and crisp


And now the meal. I pulled two thighs from the bath after 3 hours. They really need more time but they were ok. The rest will go for several more hours and will get pulled before turning in for the night

Served with vegetables done ala Chef Michael Voltaggio


Just back from a few days of overindulging on vacation at Lake George - we definitely enjoyed some great meals! I smoked a couple of pork shoulders and marinated flank steaks before we left and brought them with me in a cooler so that we’d have some easy main dishes on hand. We ended up using the pork shoulder for everything - breakfast hash, lunch sandwiches, in potato salad, etc. I left it unsauced to keep it versatile which was a good thing, because most of my friends actually prefer it sauceless. We did some simple grilling as well - my flank steak, burgers, dogs, etc.

Last night my hosts had to make an appearance at a family event (DH and I were invited but demurred), so I managed to convince my “cooking is boring” husband to act as sous chef while I prepared a little appetizer spread. Turns out he’s actually a good little kitchen helper when given adequate guidance and wine! We made guacamole, crudites, charcuterie, sourdough toasts, an improvised chipotle chili cheese dip, and my favorite, Amy Thielen’s maple bread with runny cheese. I had an almost overripe Explorateur and Delice de Bourgogne and they were just incredible on the crunchy, caramelized bread. Luckily my hosts skipped the buffet at the party and came home to feast.

Cooking for a crowd is always great fun but my waistline is happy to be home and back to a slightly less indulgent diet! Simple green salad with preserved lemon dressing and some nuts and summer sausage for dinner tonight. I anticipate a lot of green salads in my immediate future…


Wonton meatballs, a weekly staple this summer. They are super easy and perfect for quick meals on late nights.


I substitute tamari for the coconut aminos, which I find too sweet vs the salty umami flavor of soy sauce or tamari.


Those look delicious - I do something similar with ground pork, but I usually form it into burgers (we call them “dumpling burgers” at my house!). Interesting info about the ginger in the blog post - I didn’t realize fresh ginger had that effect. I actually used some in a flank steak marinade this weekend and the meat was incredibly tender - which is great for flank steak but obviously not for something made with ground meat.

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Had guest for dinner
For appetizer, raw oysters( from our dock), served with lemon juice and tabasco.
Kenji Lopez’s recipe The Best Chicken Parmegiano marinaded ovenight with with garlic powder, S/P , buttermilk, dipped in sweet potato flour (my version), eggs with buttermilk, 2/3 panic 1/3 parmesan, then pan fried, topped with mozzarella cheese and parmesan and served with his Best Darned American Italian Red sauce ( stove top then, in oven for 6 hours. ) I made this a week ago, was a repeat performance per request from my son . The sauce was frozen from what the batch I made last week which would give me at least 4 more meals. I also made cauliflower rice and mixed berry crisp served with whipped cream.
DID NOT TAKE PICTURE as I did not know how to explain to my guest that I take pictures for Hungry Onion ( met him for the first time, he used to work in a restaurant in Norway, came for a business meeting with my son and watched me cook as my son shucked the oysters and even helped me a bit) [quote=“Presunto, post:29, topic:10114”]


the ingredients are almost like my siomai recipe learned from my mother which I steam instead of bake wrapped in dough I purchase from Asian store.
I use pork, shrimp ( 1/2 amount of pork I mince thru my food processor ), ginger that I smash to release flavor, then grate added to the shrimp ,S/P, garlic powder, bunch of fresh scallions, sesame oil, an egg and sweet potato starch as binder. I also add dried fried scallions ( purchased from Asian stores), a small amount of cider vinegar, soy sauce and for some crunch, finely chopped red onions and/or jicama for that extra crunch. I used to eat Jicama as a child dipped in cider vinegar with salt.


Tam often makes them as sliders, I haven’t tried that yet but seems like it would be a great burger. I’m curious to try and see if I notice the ginger effect, ginger would be great in this recipe.

Love the idea of jicama for crunch!

I loved the blogger’s almost final comment about figuring it out: “In the immortal words of Commander Peter Quincy Taggart, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER SURRENDER.”

I love this typo…! As if you measure how much panic to add while cooking… :))


Tues pm i was in the midst of the most intense pain ever (needed a root canal), dinner was a savory yogurt at some point with cubed avocado, cilantro and olive oil, and some chopped olives to help buffer the totally useless painkillers. Thankfully after not sleeping at all i was at my dentist at 7:30am and finally no longer in pain.
Wed pm dinner also needed to be soft since the whole area is very tender still- i was starving because my (overpriced) lunch smoothie didn’t cut it and my desk snacks are crunchy stuff!
I made a big tofu scramble with lots of nutritional yeast and a bit of this and that spices, along with some chopped and well cooked til soft onions, mushrooms and a handful of spinach at the last minute. Topped with avocado.
I used some of my failed overcooked potatoes to make a quick stovetop mashed potato patty that was just firm on the outside and squishy inside, plenty of salt and then it got some real ketchup.
Totally hit the spot and had plenty leftover to bring for lunch today.
Tonight i put together one of my favorite summer soups, chilled chickpea (had some made from dry in my freey) and tahini (yup, tastes like hummus!), for the garnishes i’ll skip the feta and crunchy stuff and use more of the olives and some chopped scallions instead of red onion. I usually add a bit more tahini, prob 1/4c or so


I have some oysters in the fridge
Son left for LA, if we were closer, I will send it to u
That will help with toothaches , no chewing, just slurp it down with tabasco and lemon
I hope it will not spoil as I hate eating them when they are not completely cold or raw, but cannot shuck

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forgot, veg was remain lettuce dipped with Datu Puti spiced coconut vinegar and wine
Ttrockwood pointed out 2/3 panic , 1/3 parmesan
I hate to edit , lots of typos but well, you understand!

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Dinner last night was grilled lamb loin chops from this year’s lamb, a sweet potato gratin, and a salad with a mustard vinaigrette. The loin chops each have two small, circles of meaty goodness. We grilled two– one for last night and then another one for today’s lunch with the grandchild. The sweet potato gratin is from Ottolenghi and has sage and garlic, along with some High Lawn cream.

The rib chops:

The gratin:

My plate:

And a gratuitous picture of the rye rolls I baked off after dinner:


Nice rye rolls, Smtucker. There’s a cut here which looks similar called saddle of lamb.

This is the lower part of the goat’s legs I got 3 weeks ago. It’s too big to be shanks? Here’s the photo again:

Two pieces were seasoned with kebab spice mix, the other 2 some other seasoning. All 4 were SV’ed together. Now this is 1 of the pieces with kebab spices. Wanted to make tabouleh but I only have pearl couscous. Let it warm up in the SV bath whilst I was in the gym for 2 hours.

PS: The first 2 big pieces I had for dinner last time. It was also in last month’s WFD.