What's for Dinner #22 - 06/2017 - June is Bustin' Out All Over Edition

Under the weather , but managed to cook fantastic meal the day before yesterday using Kenji Lopez recipes for Chicken Parmegiano and his best darned red sauce finished for 6 hours in the oven. I followed his recipe in detail except I used sweet potato flour as I prefer the texture for frying, I also did not add buttermilk to the final dip of parmegiano and panko . IT WAS FANTASTIC. The chicken breast was very tender inside, the crust excellent,
I froze the left over red sauce .
Yesterday, I made Filet Mignon , sliced very thin, stir fry Szechuan style with snow peas, asparagus, red pepper , Pixian spice, rice vinegar and wine. and crabs soup Maryland style.
Thinking of investing in a joule sous vibe rather than buying expensive cuts of beef? However, not sure yet as I am used to the tenderness of filet and the flavor of NY STRIP for stir fry,


It’s been very dark, wet and muggy these past couple of days. Yuck. Got home a bit late and the sun was going down fast as I was making these photos. Had to brighten a bit to compensate for the natural light. Just this simple meal, salmon 2 ways.

Tartare was for yours truly.

My plate.

SV salmon for the partner, who appreciated the crisp skin and silky interior. I dropped the samphire in the water bath next to the salmon to test, for the first time. Turned out fine.


Looks like a plate of jewels


What are the delicate tiny translucent berries (?) on your plate? I admire your restraint with the capers, i LOVE capers. A cook friend once taught me how to fry the capers quickly then drain and they get a crispy texture then that pop of brine flavor inside- total game changer garnish.

Home late after the Very Important Urgent Meeting was pushed back alllll day and didn’t even start til after 7pm. I had some subway platform vendor peanuts to prevent complete meltdown -they just made me very thirsty!
First stop was WINE. Then the sketchy chinese takeout place for a little container of brown rice.
Bowl meal with the rice, sunflower seeds, shredded carrot, chopped bell pepper, cubed smoked tofu, a big handful of baby arugala. Then a generous dose of my new favorite trick mixing the white kimchi juice with grapeseed oil for a vinegrette. (The kimchi is long gone…) and a Big Glass of wine.


Ttrockwood, they are white currants. So pretty!

Chowdom, exactly what I had in mind but didn’t know how to plate it being pressed for time. Originally I wanted to mix the roe with the salmon tartare. I shall do that next time, the tartare will be in a little bowl.

Got home, dropped the meat in the SV bath and went to the pub (thursday is my pub day). Came home 3 hours later and the partner and I put this meal together. Only had to cook some barley and made a crunchy salad. Also blitzed some herbs in the food processor for the chimichurri.

SV flank steak.



Which model of SV bath you have got? I’m always interested in SV cooking, but aware of the cost of the equipment.

Tummy is still ok 1 day, pain the next day. Husband is now medicine free, I was off spasm pill yesterday but got back to the pain mode today. I must say it is one of the most 2nd tough trip in food poisoning during traveling, the other time was when I was 14, I travelled with family in China, I was in bedtime 2nd half of the trip and couldn’t eat and was at toilet the whole time and needed infusion. My impression of Shanghai was only hotel bed. Weird my brother of 7 yr old was totally fine.

Now in Kampot, very nice sleepy town. It is by far our favorite city in Cambodia, we decide we will stay 1 more day instead of our initial 2 days and will have a day trip to Kep.

First day a break from eating Khmer food, at the water front, a well known handmade Chinese noodle shop selling hand made noodles and various types of dumplings.


Indeed the fritter has a melted banana with a coconut taste! The batter was a bit thick, but it was still fantastic! We ate a second time in a restaurant, the crust was much thinner, but nothing too special with the banana, not melting or coconut taste like the street version we had, it was banana of smaller version, serving with a Pina Colada ice cream.


We had flank steak with a green sauce tonight too - great minds! My green sauce was a way to clean out the crisper before a long weekend trip - I had a bunch of green onions, a bunch of cilantro, a serrano pepper, a few green olives and a few garlic scapes, so it all went into the Vitamix with a bit of mayonnaise and a little cider vinegar. Very tasty.


Oh no! Sorry that you are still having tummy troubles while traveling, that’s really the worst. Hope that the rest of your trip improves
Those dumplings in soup look fantastic

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lamb lollipops with lingonberry. Farro. Yellow squash. Wine to drink .:wine_glass: Cheers


I’m totally done with June. Not that July is going to be any better.

I didn’t really feel like cooking tonight, but I had some chicken tenders that were defrosted and needed to be used up. So a simple recipe of pan-browned chicken tenders, seasoned with salt, pepper, and lots of dried thyme. A sauce of chopped and sauteed mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, some minced garlic, a sploosh of white wine, a smidge of lemon juice and some chicken broth. All simmered until the sauce thickened.

Served on Basmati rice with steamed broccoli alongside. You can be damn sure there was wine.


Good for you Linda. Enjoy.:wine_glass: Cheers.


Come to my backyard and get some to plant in your yard or a pot.

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Again, the camera didn’t manage to take a photo before we ate the entire meal. In an unusual move for us, I made an appetizer. Rhode Island calamari– spicy, greasy, and garlicky. We ate this while the fire outside got started. Then dinner was a 2" inch thick Salmon steak, green salad, and the ciabatta I made today.

I have been working on shaping them into small, sandwich-sized breads.


So happy to start a long four day weekend. Grilled some filets, corn, and sourdough baguette. There was a bottle of Zin.
Dessert was pound cake topped with rhubarb. The rhubarb was stewed with a splash of elderflower liquor, sugar, and vanilla.


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That ciabatta looks professional. Gorgeous!


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