What's for Dinner #17 - 01/2017 - the New Beginnings Edition

A great big burger with grilled mushrooms and a port wine laced cheese from Aldi with a side of corn relish


Remaining dignified in the face of paparazzi!

Scubadoo, the mushrooms on top look like a mushrom ball. It’s a cool mushroom ball!

No usual brill today but seared Faroe Islands salmon with a dark sauce was delicious for a change nonetheless. Quickly stir-fried sugarsnap peas and a salad (tomatoes, parsley, capers, radished and radish leaves) alongside. Plus some somen noodles for the parner. Notice there’s no unsightly oozing white gunk? Not much water in the fish left, which reduces white gunk/protein.

I write what’s in the sauce for my own reference.



A sausage and spinach pizza with a garlic-herb Rosa sauce (garlic-herb cheese mixed with some tomato sauce and dried herbs). Topped with grated mozz and Parmesan cheese, and a sprinkle of Honey-Aleppo pepper for a bit of bite. All-in-one-dinner.

The Pats-Texans game on the flat screen - GO PATS!


Dinner was weird but good array of flavours:

BOSO chicken breasts baked on a bed of rosemary, sage and onion . Lemon juice, oil, salt, pepper and garlic rubbed on top.

Korean potatoes- peeled, diced, fried and the braised in a soy/garlic/ sugar type reduction. I really wanted to try the recipe. Obviously not meant to pair with the chicken but the flavours didn’t clash.

Fresh green beans- no idea where the store got these as I live on the prairies and it’s the dead of winter. No “product of” sign. Regardless, tasted great! Steamed al dente, tossed with some juices from the chicken, salt and fresh ground pepper. I really wanted to do some sort of anchovy type sauce but knew that would totally be too weird with the weird mix I already had going.

All tasted great. Juicy chicken!


That’s a lot of mushroom for a burger, is it kind of it is masked with sauce or casted inside a jelly? Must be good!

Not bad for a winter day! I hope you have more sun than here. It’s gloomy since 2 weeks, it announced snow, but only rain. Cat sleeps 23/24. Looks good your pizza.

A few dinners:

Pork ribs cooked with cinnamon, long pepper and star anise. Condensed the liquid used for cooking, mixed with cream. Served with cabbage leaves. Comfy!

Shakshuka with cumin, muscouvado sugar, thyme, bay leaves, tomatoes, bell peppers. Added eggs before serving. I chopped a tat too much of spicy peppers, our spicy limit is reached.

Yesterday WFD was restaurant, an exception modern French cuisine Quinsou, more about it here.


Partridge and 2 duck legs braised in a rich sauce of cherries and pomegranate. Braised on low heat for several hours. Looks horrible but tastes good. The wine (from Cahors) we drank with the meal was a perfect match. Satisfied all round.

First time making Hungarian dumplings like I ate in Hungary recently.

Used the dumpling recipe in this book. It’s dead easy and delicious with the cherry sauce. The partner ate twice as much dumplings because of that.


Breakfast. Laundry. Cuddling with the boyz. Watched several more episodes of Season 2 of “The Man In The High Castle”. Scary-prescient of what potentially is to come. Just different players.

Wanted some chicken for work sandwiches, so I pulled 3 large BISO chicken breasts from the freezer yesterday, and put them into a marinade today. Marinade was olive oil, lemon and lime juices, honey, dried thyme, garlic powder, Honey-Aleppo pepper, lemon and lime zests. Into a hot oven to roast while green beans steamed.

Wine. Back to the grind tomorrow, as we don’t have the day off.


Feel shitty . Freaken cough . Pulled some bone broth out of the freezer to heat up .


DH is sick - must be going around! Anyway, the patient gets to choose dinner and he requested a comforting soup, so I made white bean chicken chile verde, with a side of tater tots for him. Definitely hit the spot on a cold day, even though I’m healthy (for now, at least). I also made some harissa in preparation for tomorrow - I’m planning to make merguez sausage and perhaps another type, while I smoke a pork shoulder. Some of the sausage may make it into the smoker as well, we shall see!


Got a baguette and some cultured butter at the FM this morning so dinner was buttered baguette slices, topped with saracha salt, honey, or sweet jalapeño jam. California bourbon to drink. As tennis fans, we are thrilled that the Aussie Open started today, so our evenings for the next two weeks are booked!



That looks very, very good.

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Shashuksa is such a perfect meal for chilly winter dinner!

I seem to be fighting the beginnings of a cold where it’s a sore throat and just kind of exhausted. I made and drank an obscene amount of super green juice yesterday, and dinner was a fairly simple carrot ginger soup that i added a lot of ginger to.

I ended up at Kossar’s today and picked up a few bialys (bialies? Bialis? ) that were still warm when i bought them(!). More soup tonight, i discovered a container of borscht i made a long time ago in the freezer that was surprisingly good, added some horseradish from the jar to the top and had a bialy alongside.
Also lots of green juice today, what’s left will be dessert with an echinacea and vitamin c chaser.


a few things we’ve been gorging on lately…(some pics out of order)

i bought a very fancy bone-in rib eye that i reverse-seared and i have to say, it came out perfect. easily the most tender steak we’ve ever had at home. (we didin’t eat it all that night, it showed up in tacos the next night.) wedge salad with homemade BC dressing, and newest love: celeriac hash browns. sweet!

a take on Natascha’s endive salad - mine with endive, toasted pecans, blue cheese, cara cara orange, in a walnut vinaigrette went with the meatloaf (pictured beneath the celeriac HBs). pork stock gravy and mashed potatoes.

BF tried his hand at making pupusas - pretty delish except dough isn’t quite right - kinda tough and dense. filled with cheese and pickled peppers (still some of the ones Weezie gifted me!)

tonight i made charred cauli in turmeric, smoked paprika, garlic and jalapeno, with a tahini/lemon/garlic sauce. a little too salty, but I’ll make this dish again. accompanied the defrosted NYT North African meatballs of a couple weeks ago. israeli couscous and a little crunchy cuke/shallot/cilantro salad. my preserved lemon went into the salad and the meatballs.

that steak, though… divine piece of flesh.


feel better!

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it MUST be going around, knock on wood… hope the broth helped…

nice! i’m amazed that your non-cooking friend had all that stuff in her pantry!

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Unbelievable … all of it! :slight_smile:

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5 pounds of merguez. Just threw half of it on the smoker, the other half is destined for the freezer. Any other sausage makers on this forum? My stuffing/separating technique could use some work! I tend to get a lot of air in my casings.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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