What's for Dinner #104 - the Almost Green Edition - March 2024

Simplified version of Green Pozole with ground pork, hominy, tomatillos, jalapeno, poblano, onion, garlic, cumin and sirararkhong chili - topped with tomatoes and queso fresco


Zuppa de qualunque cosa, Italian sausage sauteed with carrot, celery, onion, garlic, beet greens, added chicken broth, bay leaf, thyme and simmered until done, butter beans added just before serving topped with parm and parsley. Salad was little gem, mixed greens, red onion, roasted golden beet, orange baby bell, creamy Greek dressing.


Dixie oven fry chicken. Beans and salad .Cheers.


Tonight’s dinner was Sausage Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and peas. I ran a portion up to Neighbor #2 for her dinner. She just called me to tell me how much she enjoyed it, and that her meatloaf never came out this good. Any who, when she is all recovered she wants me to come over and show her how I made it.


Fettuccine with green beans, potatoes, and pesto.


Sous vide rib eye cap


*I think, not I this :roll_eyes:

Man, I have serious pasta envy when I see your pics. How often would you say you have pasta for lunch or dinner/week?

Eye-talian dinnah last night. Mushroom & brie baguette for starters,

Borgatti’s pillowy (and giNORMous) ricotta ravs with marinara sawce, extra Sunday gravy on the side (with pork, meatballz, sawsidge), salad with yarden arugula - perhaps the most peppery arugula that has ever crossed these lips :heart_eyes:

It’s our last full day down here :frowning_face: Time sure does fly…


A couple of questions for @Saregama, @Amandarama and anyone who regularly makes this recipe:

-Do you wipe the fish totally dry before broiling? I used a pastry brush and suspect, based on photos, that I left too much residue.

-Do you use the full amount of sugar? Any tweaks to the recipe?

  • Do you use this marinade on fish other than black cod? I use a similar-ish recipe for salmon from Dinner: a Love Story but haven’t made it in a while (disappointed with Aldi salmon quality).

-I used Xoaxing Chinese rice wine instead of sake. Reasonable sub?

For a moment I thought your minced onion was garlic :face_with_peeking_eye:

Please share your recipe/method :smiling_face:


I think your main issue was using cod and not black cod / sable — the cure affects the two fish very differently because of fattiness.

Atlantic salmon works also, though not as well and you don’t need to cure it for as long. SE or ATK claim a day is enough, but if you’ve eaten the original dish, the flavor is deep and pervasive, and that’s not happening in a day. Maybe 2, because 3-4 is too long for salmon (it firms up in a way sable doesn’t). It tastes fine with the short window, it’s just a different dish.

This is supposed to be a sweet cure slightly balanced by the salty/savory of the white miso — I don’t cut sugar. The sweetness passes through to the fish, balanced out by the fattiness. (Eat plain, or with rice, or with lettuce / salad to balance it out. I try not to eat it with something else heavily flavored or incongruent, because it’s a subtle dish and gets lost otherwise.)

I have substituted mirin or shaoxing before too, it’s fine. There’s a very subtle alcohol flavor that goes into the fish, so a sub isn’t going to make or break it.


Not garlic. :slightly_smiling_face: Reconstituted minced dried onion. I know it sounds odd, but it has that particular flavor which we both enjoy on this particular version of a burger.


Would you be willing to share your recipe? I love meatloaf, but I’m never happy with mine. Thanks!

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@ChristinaM - I agree with all of @Saregama 's points here. For Atlantic cod, you aren’t going to get the same result because of the lack of fat. Ming Tsai called for Chilean sea bass in his recipe (although it was sable in his restaurant). I don’t cut the sugar either. I have totally swapped the sake out for whatever I have in the house (regular white wine, for example) with no ill effect.

If I was going to do a miso marinade for Atlantic cod, I’d probably wipe off as much as I could, top with a few pats of butter, and then roast it at 400F for about 12-15 minutes. If you don’t want the sweetness, certainly cut back the sugar (or you might just use mirin, if it isn’t already in your marinade).


Thanks! I’ve been on a fresh pasta kick recently so have been having it twice a week or so lately. I’ve been getting a routine down mixing dough in the bread machine and rolling it out and cutting with a stand mixer pasta roller attachment. The extra pasta goes into the freezer for storage.


I totally get it – like McDonald’s cheeseburger onion.

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Thank you and @saregama!


@ChristinaM and @TheLibrarian28 I modified a recipe from the website “anaffairfromtheheart.com”, so I can’t take credit for it.

(1) chopped onion
(1) cup breadcrumbs
(1) cup shredded cheese (I use a Mexican blend cheese)
1/4 cup milk
1 egg beaten
1 pound sausage (I like Jimmy Dean, but will use whatever is on sale)
Any spicing you like (dash of this or that) I use like 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of chili powder or cayenne pepper, but we like a little
Southwest kick.

Preheat oven at 350 (F)
Mix everything together in a big bowl (I use my hands and really mix it up)
Coat loaf pan with non-stick spray. I push the mixture in to make a perfect rectangle.
Bake for 1 hour
During that hour make up the meatloaf sauce
1/2 cup ketchup
1 Tablespoon of brown sugar
2 teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce
Mix well.
(Adjust the brown sugar & Worcestershire Sauce to your taste)
Spoon onto meatloaf.
Bake another 15 minutes at 350 (F)
Then serve.
I like to serve it with mashed potatoes and peas, but you may prefer other sides.
Very Yummy!!