What's for Dinner #104 - the Almost Green Edition - March 2024

Green grass. Or at least hopefully the color on the ground turns from a flat brown to a warmer pale green as new blades of grass begin to show up for those of us in more wintry climes.

Green eggs (and ham!). Because Dr. Seuss’s birthday is this month!

Green Girl Scouts - because Girl Scout Day falls in March. (And those 2 boxes of Thin Mints are still in my downstairs freezer.)

Green Artichokes - yup, Artichoke Day is in March too!

Green beer. Because DUH.

VERY green faces the day after the green beer. Because MAJOR DUH. :nauseated_face:

Things are about to start going green all over. Pestos of various kinds, ramps, chives, green onions, local asparagus. What’s your green favorite?


Well… this lady here’s always got some green in the house, regardless of the season, and I think you know what kind :wink:

Beyond that, I’m very much looking forward to warmer temps, the damn trees in particular no longer being bare & starting to bloom (we have a couple of magnolias in our street - my favorite, even though they seemingly bloom for less than 2 min), and just generally moving towards spring/summer.

Honorable mention goes to the green sauce we have left from last night’s dinner, which may make an appearance in Peruvian chicken tacos as we also have FOUR BISO thighs leftover nobody could’ve predicted :smiley: :roll_eyes:, perhaps for tomorrow’s dinner.

As for tonight, we’ll be catching another big fan of ‘my’ green on the big screen with friends: The Big Lebowski, which means dranks and snacks at the gay bar beforehand.


Don’t forget to add purple and green to your celebrations…St. Urho’s Day is on the 16th. He’s the one who drove the grasshoppers out of Finland to save the grape harvest. We just celebrate with pülla and good coffee nowadays.


Green Things:
Nettles, Pea Tendrils, Garlic and (though not in the Spring) Cốm /Young Green Sticky Rice


Bumper food day. Fish curry with a long-time favorite fish I haven’t eaten in over a decade, and street food favorites of seekh kababs and offal grilled over charcoal.

The fish curry was fantastic; the fish came fresh and was just superb. Called Ghol, looks a bit like Chilean sea bass but is nothing like it in taste and texture. When we were kids, my dad would cube it up, season it, and pan-fry it for us to snack on while he made dinner. These days it’s really hard to find because it’s apparently used in pharma, wine-making (wot?!), and more. :woman_facepalming:t2:. Fish guy really came through today.

The kababs were good, as they usually are. Two different kinds of naan, one for each, but I only like one of them.

Experimenting with sous vide on mom’s leg of lamb recipe. SV step done, will finish the rest of the process in time for dinner tomorrow.


In Oregon it is call moss, my least favorite green.

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Oyakodon, the famed “parent & child rice bowl” dish of chicken and egg over rice at “Nakau”, my favorite rice bowl dish chain. TBH, it was slightly undercooked for my taste (I prefer the egg to not be runny and even slightly scrambled would be better), but I had to eat fast and Nakau is always fast, if nothing else. I

added almost too much “benishoga” (pickled red ginger), but I like it, so no problem for me.

I’ll miss this chain just as I did for the more than 12 years I lived in Tokushima where it doesn’t exist. Thankfully, it did exist in Shizuoka where I sometimes ate it and it is nearly ubiquitous here in the Osaka/Kobe/Kyoto area. Incredibly this costs only ¥450/USD $3.00.


Nakau is owned by a company called “Zensho” who runs or operates MANY Japanese chain restaurants. I think many of you will be surprised at the names on the list!


Do tell :grin:

Leftover chipotle chicken stew tonight with Fritos.


We enjoyed another outstanding dinner at Fiorentini in Rutherford, NJ, including handmade raviolone with a truffle ricotta filling, creamy egg yolk, fresh mushroom ragu, topped with fresh shaved black truffles; pork chop with polenta, peperonata, and kumquat, brown butter jus; handmade agnolotti with gremolata pesto jus; salumi board; radicchio salad with apple compote, stracchino, roasted walnuts, watercress, and honey mustard dressing. It went great with our favorite red blend and an excellent Argentinian cabernet/cabernet franc blend.


Greek souvlaki-style grilled pork tenderloin. Scallion couscous. Greekish salad. Tzatziki.


Fried pounded and breaded chicken thigh, gravy. Asparagus, butter, aleppo pepper. Spinach salad, hbe, bacon, sweet and sour dressing.


BF made me a lentil/arugula/feta salad with cherry toms, HB egg, cilantro, red onion, avo., etc. a play on a salad i used to make every summer of just lentils, arugula, egg and avocado. Delicious! Maybe not the best choice on a rainy-AF night but what the hell.

for his dinner, he made a porky/beany soup. he took a beautiful fat pork chop i had in the freezer and braised it until it was pull-apart tender. roasted peppers and feta on top.


Cacio e Pepe . On a whim I purchased off the internet. Pecorino Romano pepito ( pepper) made in Sardinia from a retailer back east . Cheers . Its whats for dinner.


Yet another farro salad; this one with roasted red pepper, onions, carrots and beets. There’s also winter greens, apples, sliced almonds, and a lemon vinaigrette.


This is our green season. The rest of the year we call it “golden”.


Oh nothing sinister :joy:

The offal kababs are served with a small domed bread that is still called naan — it’s unsalted (bec the kababs are highly seasoned) and bready and I’ve never loved it since I was a kid.

Everyone else does, though — my mom will eat it with butter and paneer for dinner and breakfast :joy:

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So it’s a spicy pecorino? Where did you order from?

Last night was tacos/burritos for the fam, from a local truck that will soon up a shop in town. Spicy shrimp for me, chorizo for DH and a burrito for the 1st son. 2nd son went with a spicy chicken sandwich and fries from another spot.
No pics but it was enjoyed by all.
Looking forward to the greening that happens in March but it is the loonnnggeesstt
month of the year for me.