What's for Dinner #103 - the Extra 24 Hours Month Edition - February 2024

I made bastardized chicken thigh gumbo with tomatoes, and with Italian crushed chiles from a grinder rather than cayenne, to see how it turned out, since one dining companion seems to like cayenne less than other spicy red peppers. I also made Maque Choux last night.

Happy Fat Tuesday, everyone!


Yeah, it’s quiet over there. You could always link back here for the WFD folks to read more, as many of us do when we post to other threads.

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My son borrowed my cast iron skillet to make this giant chocolate chip cookie from a New York Times recipe. It turned out really well.


DH cooked - Thai yellow curry with chicken and tofu over brown rice. I’m pretty happy with how brown rice of all varieties comes out of the IP. This was really good drizzled with a previously made vinegar-garlic-chili condiment.


My guy made cheeseburgers. Been to many burger places in many cities but his are the best. We had no buns so this is on half a Portuguese roll. Usually it’s a brioche bun.

I always put crisps/potato chips on mine - love the crunchy addition


Chicken gumbo orzo, leftover maque choux and a nut-free Waldorf for Fat Tue.
Pulled pork (no photo).


DIY Cobb salad tonight . . .


March COTM nominations are open, and February’s thread for Cookbook Ethiopia is still ongoing:

Thanks for posting! I bookmarked that same recipe today.

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I made achiote marinated black cod with habanero pickled shallots for Taco Tuesday! Sadly, I forgot to oil my grill pan and ended up with a flaky, achiote flavored pile of fish (hiding under all the garnishes). Still tasted good!


Mesquite-smoked hot wings on the Big Green Egg. The sauce is a blend of Frank’s and our own serrano pepper sauce. Celery sticks. Homemade ranch from Penzey’s spice mix.


Hot Italian sausage and cheese pizza. Corner pieces. :slightly_smiling_face:And homemade hot honey.


I was going to do taco Tuesday until I discovered it was Fat Tuesday so I had to pivot. I whipped up an okra gumbo with crab meat and little smokies (I had no andouille) and Creole cauliflower rice. Mixed greens salad, carrot, red onion, baby bell, muffalettta salad dressing. There was bourbon in honor of the street.


Picked up more fresh ho fun in Flushing yesterday (and remembered to buy some greens this time too) so I had another go at Pad See Ew for dinner.

Turned out really well – once the sauce blend tastes balanced, it absorbs properly into the noodles, and the noodles don’t break up into mush, it’s amazing how it tastes and looks like what one might expect :smiley:

I kept it vegetarian with king oyster mushrooms (from the freezer – I put down mushrooms 3 separate times at the store after reminding myself that I am still working my way through last time’s haul) and gai lan, because I also bought a bunch of meaty bbq, so I didn’t need more meat in the noodles.

BBQ spare rib and cha gio (also from the Flushing visit) alongside.

A piece (okay, two) of orange olive oil cake for dessert.


Cumin fish DRY pot


Pinchos Morunos and Gambas Al Ajillo

I am loving this Pinchos Morunos recipe!


I’m so glad! I haven’t made it in a long time, will have to get some pork tenderloin one of these days.


Gig went well. Happy crowd, happy lingua :slight_smile:

Had two wonderful Bellinis from their Mardi Gras cocktail menu, and “split” the Cajun shrimp mac. The first plate was lukewarm and the cheese coagulated, so I sent it back. Second round was better, but I only had time for a few spoons before we had to hit the stage.

It looks terrible, I know :joy: but the shrimp were great.

The boys absolutely butchered my new original, but thankfully the crowd was none the wiser / too busy getting their drank on :sweat_smile:, but the kid drummer did a great job.

Our planned Palentine’s meal tonight isn’t happening, so we’ll have to regroup.


This looks REALLY good…and I have some pork tenderloin in my freezer. It’ll definitely be WFD very soon.


Me too.