What's Eating You - How about a new board?

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There have been a lot of posts in which a variety of serious health issues are being discussed and how food directly impacts these issues and how these issues directly impact what foods can be eaten. I think that it is a good idea for a separate board or thread where people could discuss this. I brought it up to the mods and they thought it was a good idea but also thought they’d like to see if anyone was interested in such a thread/board. What do you think?


I think this is a good idea - especially if people are looking to find anything specific. As of now, it is all buried in the What’s for Dinner thread and would be hard to locate if one wanted to.

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I’d be interested in reading and learning from such a board.

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I think it’s interesting for members already practising a certain diet sharing his/her experiences. Maybe start as posts first, if we got enough topics, then a board will be coming.


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What about starting a “Special Diets” thread on the Culture/Media/General board? I don’t mind starting it – I’d love some ideas for my special diet needs!

There is already a specific diet board here. :yum: in Cooking Discussions.


Oh ok. I was confused because earlier up in this thread, you said

Maybe start as posts first, if we got enough topics, then a board will be coming.

So I thought there was no board.

So I will move your post to specific diet. You can name it soy-free chocolate to be more clear, if you want.

I saw you delete your posts. So I let you deal with it and start a new thread.