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So exciting!!! You can probably just add some smashed fresh garlic now and let is hang out in there a few more days- it makes a big difference.

The heat mellows a little as it ages, so it sounds like you got the right combo for you! You can totally eat it at any age- maybe pull some to the fridge in a few days and then let another jar get more funky…
sounds like a success so far :raised_hands:
Was it really salty??

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Yeah I honestly don’t know exactly what the porridge does. I’e heard that it allows for more fermentation (more food for the bugs) and also that it helps bring all the seasonings together. I wish there was someone who could provide some science and taste tests because I tend to be distrusting of hand-me-down knowledge.

Same thing with fish sauce and shrimp and things like that. You hear people say things like “you have to use xyz fish sauce and abc seafood” but I honestly don’t know enough to tell you. What I do know is that you should be able to make perfectly tasty kimchi without any of these things.

My mom though, swears that for the best kimchi you have to add live shrimp, like this:

Most people seem to agree that you should have both fermented shrimp and fish sauce in your kimchi though. I think fermented shrimp is a cool condiment to have regardless, but if you’re just making it casually I don’t know how necessary it is. The cool thing is that you have a baseline now, so when you do add the shrimp you’ll know the difference.

There’s all sorts of other weird stuff that goes into kimchi in regional variations, oysters are very common, some people put in fresh fish or squid type things as well. I’ve even seen someone throw in an entire raw slab of pork belly in it. You’ll also see vegetation like mustard greens and Chinese celery. In some parts they’ll put in cilantro too (which, btw, if you’re like me and can never finish a bundle of cilantro before it goes bad… it’s great as kimchi).

I really appreciate your “make it with what I got” attitude though, try it different ways and you’ll get a better understanding of the food.

One thing you must do the next time though - no negotiation on this one - have your kimchi fresh with some pork belly. To me this is the single best part of kimchi making. This is the real bossam, not the stuff that David Chang sells.

Oh, 1 last thing. IMO the single best way to enjoy kimchi in its fullest glory is in seaweed rolls. Get some Japonica/Cal Rose rice. Buy yourself one of those seasoned seaweed packets. Seaweed, warm rice, piece of kimchi. Roll it up and in your mouth. It does not get any better than that.


To me, no, not salty at all but I have to let it come together. A tiny piece can only tell me so much but I’m really excited. I think once it all settles I will learn a lot. I can definitely tell I botched the ginger up. I love fresh ginger and I wasn’t getting that flavor at all. I could add some garlic but this stuff is packed in tight and I think I want to let it ride out.

Thanks again for the cool pics. You definitely made me want to try this. Hopefully I can eat more of this as a snack and not cool ranch doritos.


Jeez that sounds good! I’m all for pork but I think I might need a batch or two under my belt before I get meat involved. As for shrimp, I will probably try that too and I’m guessing my taste buds won’t be able to tell the difference over the fish sauce.

Don’t laugh at me but I think I’m becoming mesmorized by this process! I was just sitting in my kitchen holding a mason jar and admiring the color and chopped cabbage for like 5 minutes. I was watching the bubbles travel up the maze of vegetables and I’m like "does anyone have a lighter and Floyd CD? :rofl:

Ps, you can catch grass shrimp around here using a killie trap. They look exactly like that. I wonder if those would work.


You could totally grate some fresh ginger into the jar and garlic and shake it up a bit to mix in.
Glad it didn’t turn out too salty!
When i have my kimchi on hand i end up snacking in it a bit as an appetizer of sorts :joy:
Oooh- and the kimchi liquid is amazingness so even once you finish the kimchi the liquid makes a great addition to salad dressing instead of vinegar, or add a splash to soup broths, use when cooking rice… you name it. I sometimes sip a little for a savory probiotic beverage ;))
Gotta say i have never used any of the fish sauce or fishy things since I’m vegetarian and just the fermentation provides plenty of funk.

I hope you wrote some notes for yourself what you used this batch so that you can recreate or adjust next time (cuz you already know there will be a next time)

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I think, like most recipes, your kimchi recipe is going to take a time or two before you get it exactly the way you want it. Salt causes osmosis. If the saltiness outside the item is higher than inside the water inside flows out. That’s called osmosis, maybe you remember it from biology class. For fermentation, you generally want 2% salt by weight or maybe a little more. Examples: for 50# of cabbage you need 1# of salt; for 5# of peppers you need 2 oz of salt.

Powdered & fresh ginger are two totally different items as you have learned. Candied Ginger is completely different from those two.

I’m not sure what role the rice flour paste is intended to play here. Perhaps some extra carbs to hustle the bacteria into a quicker ferment? Don’t know, nor can I think of another fermented product that uses anything like that.

This is going well. I’m encouraged.

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No way man. You just totally blew my mind, I had no idea you could just fucking catch shrimp. This needs to happen.

You and @Ttrockwood got me thinking of one of my favorite old posts from Chowhound…

“what can I do with my kimchee besides stand in front of the fridge and eat it”

That phrasing still cracks me up to this day.


Yeah it definitely will take some time to get this to my desired level. I would not go by my recipe but I’m just sharing some things I’ve learned so far. You have a lot more experience than I do. So far it is going better than I expected, but it could come crashing down. Joon got me thinking about these grass shrimp. The ones here are very similar but probably a tad bit larger. I can literally get these for free so I might try to catch some. I have the pots to catch them so I have to see when I can get some.

Hmmm…maybe we can get these kimchi posts moved over to the kimchi NJ thread. I think I have thoroughly hijacked this post :slight_smile:

My buddy does a lot of brewing, he ferments and and makes meade. He was the one who recommended to not wash all the salt off. I’d like to get him to stop by your store soon when I visit.


Yeah man, I catch some cool stuff around here. I’ve been fishing since I was literally 3. I grew up on a pond and never gave up. Grab some cocktails and head out one day with us.

@Ttrockwood I like your ideas! You guys have some creative thinking. I think I’m going to try a few batches before I get over my head :slight_smile:

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When HO started there was a ‘Fermentation’ category in the Cooking Forum but there was never much posted there. eventually it was removed. Now there are two good threads going on fermentation. I saw that you cross posted into the other one.

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Last night made some burgers using 93/7 ground beef. Upped the seasoning to make up for lack of fat/flavor. They were alright. On the side were these BAKED onion rings with Dijon aioili. Honestly, they come out so crunchy that I have yet to go back to frying them when eating at home.


Then Justin made these diet-crippling cinnamon buns with a maple coffee bourbon icing. We didn’t realize how big of a batch it was when he started. These are probably 8,000 calories each.


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Do share the baking union rings recipe please. Looks like panko breadcrumbs?

(Greg Caggiano) #654

Very simple. Thick slices of onions dipped in seasoned flour (salt and pepper) then into a beaten egg mixture (I even added a splash of beer to it this time), then into the breadcrumbs mixture which I use mostly panko, some Italian seasoned breadcrumbs, and as a matter of preference, lots of black pepper and garlic powder. Bake for 10-15 minutes on each side at 425. My oven is wacky sometimes so I constantly keep an eye on them.

(Joon) #655

Last night made some burgers using 93/7 ground beef.


(Eli Paryzer) #656

Mrs. P made a delicious quail salad with pan seared boneless quail breast, delicata squash, arugula, grapes, sautéed red onions, crispy duck cracklings made from duck leg confit, fresh shaved sharp cheddar, in a reduced balsamic syrup :yum:


I have to get into quail! Looks great. I have never smoked any quails. I’ve smoked quite a few species in my day but never a quail. I’ve eaten some smoked quail and I liked it a lot…then again, I love to smoke ducks so maybe I’ll do both one day. Does Mrs P ever cook pheasant?

Greg I must admit those are the best looking oven onion rings I’ve seen. You’re dieting is making me feel guilty lol…as I chug a beer :smile:

(Eli Paryzer) #658

Thanks Johnny. No, Mrs. P has never cooked pheasant before.


Newbie. Just saw this thread. So this is for food cooked in NJ? And there are 657 replies? Please educate me.


When she is ready to try it out you know where to find me :smile:


Feel free to join in, even if not from NJ. We like food from everywhere!

Ps…welcome aboard bobcat. I hope you have a good time on here. There are are a lot of very knowledgeable food fans on here. I think you will learn a lot. May I ask how you found this site? It is always nice to see new members. Cheers