What's Cooking? (New Jersey)


First set of pics … deep fried test turkey, it was quick and it was surprisingly delicious and we didn’t burn the house down but I wanted the aroma of roasted turkey wafting through the house for TG so we ended up going the traditional route. Followed Kenji’s " how to deep fry a turkey without killing yourself … we succeeded

Turkey skin rules

Breakfast garbage plate for DH yesterday to fuel him up for wood chopping … the perogies were “Kasia’s” packaged and very good

Rack of pork, rib end of loin … mashed, defrosted stuffing from TG, didn’t bother to add veggies he wasn’t interested … another day of physical labor another hearty meal … nothing green to see here, move along … back to salads tomorrow

EDITING to add “why he chops the wood”

(John) #543

You fried the pork also?


No … 250 for 2 hours and then a short blast 450 convection roast in oven.

(John) #545

heh - you had me all set to go buy a turkey fryer to fry pork.


Are you kidding me, don’t let me stop you … go for it
chicharrons for all !!!
EDIT: DH is already convinced I’m trying to kill him


Nice looking rib rack! What store did that come from?


Price chopper … I rarely see the rib end and it was on sale for 1.79
it was a no brainer