What's Cooking? (New Jersey)


First set of pics … deep fried test turkey, it was quick and it was surprisingly delicious and we didn’t burn the house down but I wanted the aroma of roasted turkey wafting through the house for TG so we ended up going the traditional route. Followed Kenji’s " how to deep fry a turkey without killing yourself … we succeeded

Turkey skin rules

Breakfast garbage plate for DH yesterday to fuel him up for wood chopping … the perogies were “Kasia’s” packaged and very good

Rack of pork, rib end of loin … mashed, defrosted stuffing from TG, didn’t bother to add veggies he wasn’t interested … another day of physical labor another hearty meal … nothing green to see here, move along … back to salads tomorrow

EDITING to add “why he chops the wood”

(John) #543

You fried the pork also?


No … 250 for 2 hours and then a short blast 450 convection roast in oven.

(John) #545

heh - you had me all set to go buy a turkey fryer to fry pork.


Are you kidding me, don’t let me stop you … go for it
chicharrons for all !!!
EDIT: DH is already convinced I’m trying to kill him


Nice looking rib rack! What store did that come from?


Price chopper … I rarely see the rib end and it was on sale for 1.79
it was a no brainer

(Eli Paryzer) #549

Mrs. P made acorn squash stuffed with shrimp sauteed in duck fat that we saved from the duck breast that she made last week. It was also stuffed with butternut squash puree mixed with fresh garlic, thyme, coconut milk, heavy cream, and chicken broth :yum: This was inspired from a dish that we had at Samba Montclair. I posted this on Instagram and Samba said ‘that looks amazing and delicious’ :blush: He also featured my post as a ‘story’ on his Instagram site :grin:


Mrs P needs to open up a restaurant! My hat is off. Was the squash boiled or baked, or both? This is quite an innovative dish.

(Eli Paryzer) #551

Thanks cj :blush: The squash was roasted.


Echoing @corvette_johnny. Wow! Mrs. P! Yummy!

(Eli Paryzer) #553

Thanks Gracie :relaxed: I’ll convey the message to Mrs. P.

(Greg Caggiano) #554

Justin made restaurant-quality Chicken Cordon Bleu tonight. It had been ages since I had this dish and mentioned it the other day, so he tackled it to surprise me. Served with Parmesan mashed potatoes and asparagus sauteed in butter and Dijon mustard (I made that one). Certainly not a great meal for the waistline! I was stuffed!


(Eli Paryzer) #555

Mrs. P made an awesome pulled duck leg confit pizza with red and yellow sweet peppers, chopped scallions, red onion, mozzarella, and olive oil :yum: The duck leg confit was mixed with hoisin sauce, fresh garlic, grated ginger, soy sauce, and Chinese 5 spice. It went great with a 2016 Tobia Tempranillo which could sit in a cellar for another 10 years and still not lose it’s punch.

(David) #556

Must have been the night to make pizza. White clam pie for me.

(Greg Caggiano) #557

Pizza night for me too. I can’t remember the last time I ordered one. Probably close to two months now. The Shop Rite pre-made dough is pretty good, and $2 a ball. It then takes exactly one bag of cheese per pizza after the dough is rolled out. Very easy to price out a pizza. I’d say two homemade “specialty” pies cost between $12-15 total as opposed to close to $30 getting them takeout. (@seal I think a clam pie may be next Sunday’s venture…)

I usually make one white pie (no ricotta, but with onion and fresh garlic) and then a more interesting one. Tonight’s second contained grilled chicken, barbecue sauce, red onions, and Monterrey Jack cheese. It was delicious.



Looking good Greg. You should consider a clam license. It’s only like ten or 15 bucks. You then need a rake and some waders.

(Greg Caggiano) #559

There’s a thought. But I still have to get crabbing!


I know but you can’t crab in the winter :smile:

Clam season is a winter thing. I can tell you exactly where to go. During low tide you can walk out to the middle of the navesink river and go to this sand bar. It is wild

(Junior) #561

That is a dam good looking home pie!! So the cost is $ 15 for two homemade pies, what does that come to $20 - $ 25 including delivery to my house?