What's Cooking? (New Jersey)

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Thanks cj :slightly_smiling_face: I don’t know if you are talking about yesterday’s meal, but that was takeout. The spicy Brussels sprout side dish from earlier in the week was homemade. We had that with leftover homemade braised rabbit pappardelle and a lobster tail (with drawn butter and old bay seasoning). We love old bay seasoning. We have it with lobster, crab, and corn, among other things. I haven’t tried the Del Monte summer crisp corn, but it sounds delicious with old bay seasoning and butter.


Tell Mrs P to give that corn a shot. I think you guys will like it. It is probably twice as expensive as other canned corn but it is well worth the extra dollar!

I forgot to post on the brussels. They looked great! This BBQ spot near me is putting out some awesome fried sprouts lately. They are some sweet chili sprouts deep fried and have a great texture and heat profile. I will take a joke out of Bob’s handbook. “How do you get a fat guy to eat Brussel sprouts?” Deep fry them, add butter, and doust them in sweet chili oil lol : )

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Thanks cj. We will have to look into that corn. We normally don’t get canned corn but this looks really good and has gotten excellent reviews.

You have to try that Spicy roasted Brussels sprouts recipe. It has some serious heat with the gochujang paste, chopped garlic, red pepper flakes, scallions, and red onions.

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Didn’t feel like cooking last night. So did a cheeseboard: Asiago, Swiss, Monterrey Jack, and smoked garlic cheddar a friend brought back from Vermont. Fig Jam, raspberry preserves, apples, and pears. And this delightful Merlot below that I picked up in Sleepy Hollow last month.


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Are you using any MSG? You’ll never get the taste without it.

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One of the best Chinese dishes, Mapo tofu can be made with 1 specialized ingredient (dou ban jiang) and in less than 20 minutes including prep time. Plus it’s not too difficult to get it pretty close to restaurant quality. It’s a classic for a reason!

(Greg Caggiano) #468

No, I’m not. Nothing against it. Maybe I should buy a bottle.

Good point.

(Joon) #469

IMO every kitchen should have some MSG in it, it just makes everything taste better, like salt but on a different level.