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Actually I think all of these are triangle K, not glatt.

I read somewhere that they have decided that sheep casing do not qualify for glatt.

Also, from the glatt standpoint, there may be issues with producing things in a plant where other nonkosher products are made.

If you have further information?

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As I said, Sabrett is definitely not kosher. Re: the others. I’d have to check the package to see if it includes the O/U “hechsher” (rabbinical certification) or the K, which does make a difference to some Jews. Glatt has a different/higher standard, and what you said about the sheep’s casing and where products are produced is correct.

My local ShopRite (Marlboro) sells Kosher deli at the regular deli counter in the back of the store (separate slicer and servers change gloves) but also has an entirely separate Glatt deli counter in the front near the Kosher products aisle.

In NYC, Katz’s is Kosher-style deli. 2nd Ave. Deli is Kosher (all Kosher products and no dairy), but Jews who are Glatt will not eat there because it isn’t closed on Shabbat.

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Yep. At some point in time it becomes a question of non-observant who are looking for perceived taste/quality benefits, versus observant who are doing things for religious reasons.

I think that’s in part what the Conagra lawsuits are about, ie. to observant people “kosher” or “kosher-style” should not be a marketing gimmick.

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Btw there was a huge kerfuffle about ten years ago when Costco elimnated Hebrew National and Sinai 48 in favor of it’s own brand (which was not “kosher”) at the food court in California. But neither Sinai nor HN was glatt and the food courts served on Sundays, so it really wasn’t about observance.

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With all this talk about hot dogs, I will take this opportunity to say Trader Joe’s makes an amazing all-beef, nitrate/nitrite free hot dog that is simply delicious.

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What kinds of dogs are in the cases?

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Gee, that’s interesting. Up in Highland Park at least you used to see the Abeles & Heymann Franks in the Kosher case.

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Oy! I somehow managed to misunderstand your question. I’ve never looked at what packaged dogs are available in the Glatt refrigerated case. The next time I’m in Shoprite, I’ll check and report back. There are packaged Hebrew National dogs and specials in the refrigerated case along the dairy aisle. They’re conveniently near the Batampte pickles and sour kraut.


At mine they carry A&H (Abeles and Heyman) and Aarons.

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Made a skirt steak and noodles with onions, mushrooms, and scallions. Washed down with a Godfather…or two.





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Wow…a godfather or two, you my friend are one of the very and I mean very few people who are aware of The Godfather. I’ve won more free drinks from bartenders over the years on that drink than anything else.

I recently had the pleasure of spending some time with Gianni Russo who played Carlo Rizzo in The Godfather Movies. He owns some of the marketing rights to The Godfather movie logo and he was promoting his Godfather Vodka brand when we met. I informed him of The Godfather drink (even he didn’t seem to know of it) and pitched him on selling it as a premade drink under his copyright. (so if you ever see it in a liquor store give me a shout because I’m owed 20% royalty on that!!)

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Wow! Sounds like something I would like to review for my blog if I ever see it.

I’m a big Scotch guy. While I would never order a Godfather when out and about, I have ordered the Rusty Nail several times. Though more well-known, it still seems to trip bartenders up. Love Drambuie. Decided to change it up tonight after a friend gave me the Disaronno since he got it as a gift and does not drink it.

But a pre-made Godfather mix? Hmmm. I guess that would be similar to Drambuie, since all that is is Scotch mixed with heather, honey, and spices.

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Felt the need to honor Anthony Bourdain tonight by cooking up some organ meat. So here is the classic liver and onions, served with sauteed string beans and roasted potatoes.


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Spaghetti, clams, zucchini. Daughter creation


Looking good Tom. I just got back from vegas. You should see the prices of clam dishes out there!


Sad day today greg. I got a notification on my phone early in the morning as I was on east coast time out west. I just couldn’t fall back asleep for hours after reading the news. I was stunned. What a tragedy.

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There really are no words. I woke up to the news yesterday and thought maybe I was still asleep and having a bad dream. When my dad died, I binge-watched the hell out of his show. For weeks. For months. It helped remove me from a shitty situation and bring me someplace else. Will never be able to properly express my gratitude to him for that.

I wanted to do a post on my blog but did not know what to say. All I could muster was, “We all wanted to be you. Thank you for bringing us the world.”

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agreed- I usually don’t have any reaction to celeb deaths but this one really hit me. Prob b/c of how much I enjoyed his work, both written and on the screen and how he was prob most responsible for opening my eyes to food both in quality and significance culturally…