Whatever-of-the-month Nomination (Jan-Feb 2016)

Nominations are now open for the Jan/ Feb Whatever-of the Month! Whatever can mean, dish, regional cuisine, seasonal ingredient, cookbook.

(Copied from one of Meatn3’s nomination thread:) What are you yearning to cook in Jan/Feb? I’m going to leave nominations open till next Thurs 1am Pacific Time (January 21).

Please nominate your dish in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. You may nominate as many dishes as you wish, when it comes time to vote, you can only vote for one dish.

A dish is defined as an ingredient and a method of preparation. It doesn’t have to be terribly specific, you don’t have to say “tomatoes chopped and simmered over low heat then puréed and poured into a bowl,” you can just nominate “tomato soup.” Regional cuisine means a cuisine in a specific geographical area, whether you are cooking with ingredients from that area or locally-adapted ones. Seasonal ingredients mean a specific ingredients available only at this time of the year. Cookbook, means, well, cookbook.

Be adventuresome! You cannot find a Whatever-of-the-month anywhere else! And if you’ve never joined the Dish/Cookbook of the Month, even if you’ve never joined Chowhound, now is the time! Jump in, nominate, ask questions. All are welcome. So put on your thinking caps boys and girls and let the nominations begin!


KALE - COOKED (I make a couple of super kale salads and I saute’ kale alone and with mushrooms but would like something more)

I’m nominating DUMPLINGS as a dish of the month because I got really excited about it when I saw it in the thread that inspired this nomination.

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oh wait. let me move this to Cooking.

Although I voted for kale, can I also vote for dumplings?

This is just the nomination thread, right?


DUMPLINGS , still have not made pierogi.

Cuisine of the month, Chinese new year coming on the 7th Feb, to celebrate: NORTHERN CHINESE COOKING note DUMPLINGS is included in the northern cooking! (all the talk on Bao made me really want to make my own)

Northern Chinese cooking included: Beijing (including also Imperial court cuisine), Inner Mongolia and Shandong Cuisine.

This is nomination. You can nominate more than one, but you vote for one when it comes time to vote.

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Errrmmm. Having never participated in a Something of the Month, what is this thread about, please?

I’m see that folk are nominating their various somethings.

Do I deduce that, in due course, one of the somethings will be picked and we’ll then cook the dish/cookbook/ingredient/cuisine/ whatever?


Sherlock Harters

Its similar to DOTM/ COTM in Chowhound. But we haven’t quite reached a consensus whether people are interested in DOTM, COTM, or Cuisine of the month, or, seasonal ingredient of the month. so basically just letting the democratic process sort it out.

Is that kinda HUGE? :smile:


We have vast interests! Also there is a certain Peking duck I would like to do too…

ALMOND PRESSED DUCK - Wor Shiu Op recipe

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It’s an easy thing to start with - lots of regional variations on the theme are possible.


STIR-FRY, so many possibilities, hopefully many useful suggestions.

I’ll say STIR-FRY also as I’ve never done much of it and this would inspire me.

I would vote for STIR FRY also . I need help on this . Mine just ends up tasting like greasy chalk .

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I was going to ask if pierogi count as dumplings. I intend to try some this month.

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo