What would you make with honey garlic sausage?

My friend gave me some homemade spicy honey garlic pork sausage. Anyone have ideas for how to use it?

I found these recipes online .

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Not knowing what it actually tastes like, I’m struggling a bit. But, at this time of year, sausages do find themselves into casseroles in this house. Something with mixed root vegetables perhaps - carrot and parsnip perhaps, unless they might be too sweet with the honey in the sausage.

Or Nigel Slater’s sausage & bean hotpot which I do regularly, when I’m stuck for soemthing warm and comforting (and dead easy, dead quick)


I will try this hot pot some time, Harters.

Honey Garlic pork or turkey sausages have become fairly popular in Canada.

At the 2 grocery stores I frequent , they’re one of the 5 varieties typically offered, the others 4 typical sausages tending to be hot Italian, sweet Italian, bratwurst-type, and breakfast sausage-type.

I might be tempted to cut the sausages into large pieces and do a sheet pan roast with equally sized pieces of red and yellow bell pepper, onions and sweet potatoes. A bit of olive oil to coat, lightly seasoned with salt/pepper. Line sheet pan with parchment for easy clean up.

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Thanks for the idea!

I made a pot au feu type dish based on the Johnsonville recipe above

And used 2 links in a dish that was more like scalloped potatoes with sausage , based on this idea, omitting the chicken broth and spinach and substituting potato for gnocchi


Cook as you would . Serve over polenta. With a nice Parmigiano reggiano and drizzle with olive oil.

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