What would you do with pork short ribs from Snake Farm? See

I’ve been holding on to them since some deal, waiting for the hubs to be away. He doesn’t like what he calls “fatty meat”, but I LOVE it! I also like spice, I like pork and beans, and have a stash of Ranch Gordo beans of various persuasions, BUT have been doing low carb for 10 months (and low carb folks don’t think beans are low carb).

A link to Snake River Pork Short Ribs


Here’s a picture, in case you are not familiar.

Thinking I want to use these.

I have sous vide, instant pot, and an electric smoker. An embarrassment of riches/#lucky people problems!

I don’t quite understand what pork short ribs are. I’m intrigued. Not a term ever used in hog country. They look good on the website.
Add: I’m a carnivore, not a meat cutter.

I’ve never heard of pork short ribs either, pray tell…

As for what to do? I think there’s only one way to eat ribs and that’s smoked (as long as short ribs aren’t a fancy names for country-style ribs). It’d be a shame to throw them in a instapot or a crockpot. But do what you must do.

As for the beans, I made some Dutch’s Wicked Baked Beans a few days ago and it was a huge hit. It’s made with canned baked beans, but with some tweaking, you can make it with your Domingo Rojo.


We don’t think they’re not, we KNOW they’re not! :smirk:

Anyway, the only time I have ever seen pork short ribs was at Bouchon in Las Vegas, a red wine braised preparation. They were divine. However, I’m fairly certain they were just spareribs from the thicker end of the rack, cut in such a way that they had a large chunk of meat attached (presumably belly?), the way that beef short ribs do. I don’t think you can go wrong with any braised, slow roasted or smoked prep!


Note to self;

How about this one?

Vietnamese Braised Pork Ribs


Marinated Thai-Style

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NOT low carb, but making these Domingo Rojas,

and plan to use them (with no “spinners” ) in this recipe for Jamaican Stew Peas
to share with the hubs when he returns tommorow after a week away. I may share my “jerked” country style ribs as well, but as I’ve said before, he is not a fan of “fatty meat”.

Instant Pot Jamaican Stew Peas


Seems like the biggest difference between the two recipes was cilantro in the Thai version, chili paste , five-spice poweder, and lemongrass in the Vietnamese.

I’m making the Vietnamese Braised pork recipe.

Here is a picture of them marinating in a Vacuvita bag.

There were comments following the recipe about pressure cooking and sous vide. I’m thinking either would have to be followed by some kind of browning and crisping. Open to all suggestions!

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Doing Sous Vide, using

Sous Vide Barbecue Pork Ribs Recipe text

36 hours at 145, because it works for me this Tuesday.

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Bet those beans turned out really good

I thought they were amazing, and so did the (Jamaican) hubs!!

But I sent a picture to MIL, who said she doesn’t use canned coconut milk, because it makes the beans look “a little white”. I’m thinking she told me this before, and I learned about the coconut “cream” that come in blocks.

I’m adding a picture here. You might see three yellow peppers, which are scotch bonnets I grew from seed from some peppers she gave me.

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