What would you do with 4 pounds ground lamb with a use by date 2 days away?


Thank you!

I froze two packages, and made some Merguez sausagel/kefta meatballs with the other two. .

SO good! I know I will do it again, so parking some ideas here.

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The Merguez/kofta look excellent

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HOLY COW, days of lamb recipe ideas! Great thread.


Gyros. Made a loaf variety quite awhile back. Worked really well


Last night I fried them like this;

Tonight I’m roasting them like this;

Husband wanted me to try Linda Whit’s roasted red pepper sauce. I gave him that option since I need to use my roasted hothouse peppers.

@LindaWhit, any details on the roasted red peppersauce?

Also, I’m working on a comparison between kofte and merguez. These meatballs have harissa and a higher percentage of fat, and no cinnamon or ginger.

I can’t decide.

Kofte Kebabs With Spicy Harissa Yogurt Sauce from Serious Eats


A roasted red pepper sauce. . Yes, I still like recipes.

I’m sure the fried ones are great, but there’s the visual concern. Yesterday Astro Obscura’s FB page had a blurb about a restaurant featuring Soviet era dishes, mostly pork. Pictured was wild boar a la Tito, brown logs of meat covered in a thick brown sauce. Other than the plate, impossible to tell from the photo whether it was made on the stove or the loo! You can imagine the comments. When summer weather makes for burger and hot dog meals, I’ve taken to buying hot dog buns only, and shaping my burgers into log shape. It’s better in many ways, including rolling them in the skillet (I don’t grill) so they are evenly brown all over, and neater eating. But the appearance always rattles me a bit. :hotdog::toilet::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Lots of Turkish and middle eastern recipes for lamb mince. Ask your DIL what she makes with it, maybe?

I like Gozleme and pide. Here are some more ideas in case you get a good deal on the mince:


@shrinkrap, it’s a crapshoot each time I make it, but I usually roast red peppers (or use jarred) until well blistered. Chop them into large pieces. Sauté chopped onion and garlic, and then everything goes into a food processor and are whirled until as smooth as I can make it with some salt/pepper if needed (Aleppo pepper is good to give it a bit of heat but not overwhelming) and perhaps a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar for some tang. Some people add the “red pepper water” you get from roasting the peppers (or the jar), but I prefer a thicker sauce.

Then it’s into a pot to be heated, and stirred with a bit of heavy cream (you can forego the cream if you don’t want that type of sauce), and add a bit of grated Parm-Reg cheese, if desired. You can also add whatever fresh/dried herbs you like - basil, rosemary, or thyme are good ones…I have a tendency to lean towards dried basil.


Thank you @Presunto, and sorry for the confusion. This is an old thread that I ressurected because I used the last of the four pounds to these kofte. Back in 2018 folks had said to freeze some, and I just got around to getting it out of the freezer.

I can’t believe it’s been so long!


Thank you! What are you going for volume wise? Something you could simmer in, something they could “nap on”, or is it more of a dipping situation? Any thoughts on combining some tomato sauce with the pepper sauce? Husband likes “gravy” volume, but apparently not of the tomato variety.

I’m usually just making it for myself, so I usually just do a regular sized jar of roasted peppers (12 oz?) or 1-2 fresh ones. I’ve simmered in (which is where you might need additional liquid or tomato sauce) but I’ve also just used it as a bit of a napping situation over/under whatever I’m having. I’ve not thought about a dipping situation, but it would work with something like mozz sticks or chicken fingers for kids.

Anything left over, I freeze for later use. And yes - I’ve combined tomato and red pepper sauce with good results. For instance, I recall doing a Chicken Parm with a combination of red pepper/tomato sauce that came out quite nicely. So that would work for the “gravy volume” that your DH likes. :smiley:



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Made more “merguez sausage”.
Used ideas from


Pictures to follow.

Bravo for awakening an old thread with relevant posts. Scanned through the old material and dug out some lamb mince from the freezer for lamb meatballs. Added small red peppers to my grocery curbside cart to give @LindaWhit’s sauce a try.

Heading back to Bermuda soon and may take advantage of good supply and prices for lamb to make a tangine.


For some reason I am drawn to this torpedo shape.


My Roadfood buddy Rob’s winning recipe for lamb burgers from 1991,


Kheema muttar

or papoutsakia