What would happen if...

(Jimmy ) #1

I added a tble spoon of oyster sauce to my hearty potato soup?


What else is in said potato soup…? I’m thinking it could be weird if there’s cheese or it’s dairy heavy.
Maybe just try a small cup of soup with a little added first to taste it

(Jimmy ) #3

No cheese. But started by Roux, and heavy cream added at the end–a few minutes before serving.

(saregama) #4

Hmm. Oyster sauce has sweetness. A splash of fish sauce I could see…

How was it?


What would happen

You’d have the potato soup all to yourself, at least afaic… :wink:

(Jimmy ) #6

I shied away from it. :open_mouth:

(ChristinaM) #7

Yeah, I can’t really see that working tbh


If any thing perhaps some fermented black bean sauce, but then you would have to cut down on all of the salt…