What to Use as a Roaster-Sized Heat Pad/Trivet?

We need to transport a turkey in a roasting pan from our house to our friends’ house. Our trunk has a rubber mat but I don’t want to risk putting the roasting on directly on it, so I’m looking for suggestions for something large to lay down as a heat pad. (If an old army blanket would work, that would be ideal, but would it scorch/catch fire? I’ve never done this sort of thing before.)

I have all sorts of stuff for the table (bamboo, etc.,) but they are all saucepan-sized.

A bath towel would help with heat and friction and spills

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I often use old towels in a laundry basket to transport potentially messy hot food items.
Lay a towel on the bottom, place roaster on top. Use other towels to wedge around it to keep the pan from shifting. A plastic bag and roll of paper towels just in case any mopping up is needed.

In my car the floor of the back seat causes less movement than the trunk.


For car transport, I usually line/shim a heavy cardboard box with an old bath towel. You can load/unload it all as a unit.

No, it won’t scorch.


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We used the laundry basket with towels and it worked like a charm. (Plus the towels help keep the heat in.)

We had a cardboard box, but the laundry basket was the perfect size and could be set on the (wet) ground to open/close the trunk, etc.

Thanks to all!

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