What to Do with Rolled Anchovies?

I bought a couple of cans of rolled anchovies with capers at the A&P/Pathmark going-out-of-business sale because I like anchovies, I like capers, and they were really cheap.

But now my question is: what do I do with them? Put them on pizza? Eat them straight? (With a gallon of water?) Cook with them? (Won’t they unroll?)

The rolled kind is a tad less salty and often eaten as part of tapas or in a salad.

I only use flat anchovies and never soak them. The sauce I make with them is good for all kinds of raw or steamed vegs and greens. Simply crush them with some garlic (both finely), then add good olive oil. I often add fresh lime juice to it as well. Really nice to scoop it up with steamed artichoke “petals”.


When I couldn’t afford to buy smoked salmon as a college student, I would buy rolled anchovies with capers and arrange them on split toasted bagels with cream cheese, and a little chopped raw onion.

Good way to use up the bagels when the lox is gone!

We use them on canapés–a cracker, a piece of cheese, a rolled anchovie.

I throw a couple in the sauté pan with some fresh chopped garlic, evoo , let them warm up; then with some red sauce, poured over some pasta.
I do not like them on pizza, but on top of a green salad or mashed up with some garlic, red wine vinegar, mustard and good olive oil, as a salad dressing.

When I do tomato sauces, I always throw a few of that to shimmer. They will disappear when the cooking is done, but they add an extra flavour. The same as cooking ratatouille, a few drop of lemon juice and anchovies.

I take a long italian roll, slice it prepare it like you would garlic bread, toast it, top with mozzarella, and parm, unrolled anchovies and broil till cheese melts. Or I just saute them in evo, with garlic, til garlic softens and add cooked pasta with a bit of the cooking water, stir a bit, and serve.

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Got olives? Make a nice puttanesca sauce! Cesar salad anyone? I also use them in my white clam suace.


That’s right. Good suggestion.

Yeah well those are my only 3 reasons for anchovies. I actually use anchovies paste rather than the whole filets, find it easier to work with.

Buy plain-bulk raman cakes. Add anchovies to taste.

I live in an anchovy fishing town, and the local fisherfolk salt their own anchovies and sell them in the shops in jars (as well as selling fresh anchovies, which are delicious). So I use the local product – but can understand why dealing with the whole fish or filets is unappealing to some people.

I use anchovies straight to make an anchovy sauce for whole grain pasta. Sometimes I will add anchovies to mashed broccoli to serve over pasta. In the summer, anchovies draped over a plate of sliced fresh tomatoes makes a regular appearance on the table.

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