What to do about cast iron handles rusting?

Hi All,

I have the older Falk copper pans with the cast iron handles. I love them dearly but whenever I wash them, the handles rust. Aside from drying them immediately after washing them, is there anything else I can do to prevent rusting? The cast iron handles on my Mauviel and Matfer Bourgeat pans don’t ever rust.

Have you tried rubbing them with a bit of oil? That ought to do it.

yeah oil is my defense against the rust too - helps

Thirding the oil recommendation. The handles need to be seasoned just like the rest of the pan. I would rub oil on the entire thing, including the handle, and put it in the oven for a while. Once you’ve seasoned the handle a few times it should last forever, since you’re not cooking on that surface.

If simple oiling doesn’t work, you can try the old blacksmith’s trick of heating the handles and brushing on a little carnauba wax.

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