What The Stove Repairman Said

Check out the latest safety info on gas stoves. Indoor pollution is a serious under appreciated problem. A real no no these days if young kids are around.

We’ve used our designer before, so I trust her about the plans, which include a downdraft vent in the range and an island hood hanging down from the ceiling. We’re going to be interviewing contractors soon, and they may say “Lady, are ya nuts?”, in which case we go to the alternate design which has the range built into the wall like we had in our last place. @biondanonima, do you think that’s enough? We can always go back to our designer with questions. She’s not a frivolous person and is good about not proposing things for the sake of trendiness.

It really depends on your style of cooking, how you use the island and how powerful your range is, but generally speaking downdraft venting systems are pretty useless, especially with a gas cooktop. Having a hood come down from the ceiling will help with venting but personally I wouldn’t want something so bulky hanging in the middle of my kitchen. The higher the hood is above the cooktop, the less effective it is, so if you want to hang it high enough to be out of your sight line you need a pretty powerful hood (possibly requiring a make up air system, etc). If there is a good place for the range on a wall (especially an exterior wall), that really is a better solution in most cases.

I entirely agree. It totally depends on your cooking style. Me, there isn’t a draft system that will keep my kitchen schmutz free. But that’s just me. You may well cook under this btu .

Check out insurance statistics on electrical safety. Single most common cause of house fires is kitchen electrical faults. Induction will make this worse.

Many California building codes are outlawing gas cooking and heating in new installations. This will prove interesting in a place where electrical outages, both from nature and pl;anned by utility companies, are de rigueur.

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To my understanding that is based on opposition to fossil fuels without any science or economics. Climate change is real. Not clear to me that in-home cooking with gas rises to the top of the pile of contributors. Further, living without power, heat, and cooking when the daily low temp is 50F is very different from sub-freezing weather. Consider the experience of those in Texas earlier this year.

This thinking creates a situation where enough resistance to change from the “top of the pile of contributors” gives everyone else a handy scapegoat/excuse. And among those at the top, they argue about who is most toppest, which gives all of them a circular excuse too.

Does Viking make an electric stove?

I think Viking is only gas.

Does Viking make an electric stove?

Yes they do. $4500-$5500 range.

electric stove

I have a PM2.5 sensor in my home. The stove itself doesn’t contribute a lot of particulate matter, but it does increase the CO2 level a little bit. On the other hand, I have a gas oven, and that blows all the sensors off the charts – even while running empty. It just doesn’t burn clean enough.

BTW: If you’re looking at ventilation, get an external-fan driven hood. It’ll be much more powerful.

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That’s what I had in my previous house and it was great in the kitchen. Really large on the back wall of the house and made a fair bit of noise. Quieter in the kitchen than a hood with fan inside.

We have a Vking gas range with six burners, one or two with high btu’s, on an island, and what is supposed to be an adequate draft for my style of cooking.

This is our second or third viking range. i wanted a Blue Star when the last Viking literally blew up into the air, but I couldn’t see a floor model nearby, and didn’t like the way it looked clean up would be from what I can see in pictures and comments on Houzz/Gardenweb. Most Blue Star owners seem to have the range. . The Viking fit right in the old space, but I’d love a range at some point.

We have electric wall ovens, because they have a self cleaning feature…which we rarely use.


Would you adopt me? I’m assuming the fridge is French door with freezer under. If it’s side-by-side we’d have to talk.

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Not side by side, but counter depth, which is alo frustrating, as chronicled in the thread attached to this.

I was enjoying it though, in some part due to the back up fridge in the garage , but that was in the winter, and while my adult children were gone, and they have been coming back. We’ll see. I hear some fridges won’t work well in a hot garage.

BTW, speaking of adult children, no to the adoption, but maybe foster care , with a padded stipend.

Ah. I remember that thread now. In my view counter depth is less awkward than side-by-side. I hate (a word I use sparingly) our side-by-side. Despise it with a passion.

I am handy around the house. Just replaced a bathroom exhaust fan. Good for electrical, plumbing, light construction, mediocre drywall work. Cook. Clean as you go. Have own tools. All of them. Two of most. Three of some. grin Will have all my shots next week. grin House-broken. Very heavy Internet user. Quiet. My wife calls me her “stealth spouse.”

Like Colombo. On season 5, episode 5. That’s the one where he wears a different rain coat.

Oh - would be nice to have 240VAC in the garage for air compressor. Need room for my tool box. It’s 8x8x14. Feet. Stand up trailer. Have my own generator. grin

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We have a Viking. Cost me more than my first car which was used versus the new stove. When it works, it works great. But when there is a problem, the repair bill is staggering which is why your repairman likes it.

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That’s the kind of hood we want above our range. We’ve just picked it out–a Samsung 5-burner range, single oven. We’re also getting a French-door refrigerator with bottom freezer & no water dispenser.

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Oops! I meant to write Viking COOKTOP.

What I WANT is a “rangetop”; like this.

I don’t even remember why anymore.

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