What Tableware Do You Run Out Of?

Your notes inspired me to actually shop. Came home with very similar 10 oz Ikea tempered clear glass beverage glasses, at an inflationary 1.67/glass (10 for set of 6). Great value but my old set was made in Italy, these new ones made in China.

Other than the serving pieces (who needs only one regular serving spoon for a dinner for eight?), it’s table knives. Mark and I can easily use four out of the eight just for breakfast.

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Soup spoons. We eat a lot of stew-y things where I prefer a spoon. I could buy more, but :woman_shrugging:

Buy Chinese soup spoons—they’re way better!

Used to be forks and tablespoons. I ordered more of our set. Now it’s cereal/soup bowls.

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I may have already said this, but it bears repeating. When you buy flatware if you buy a set at a place like Pottery Barn or Williams Sonoma, if you ever need to replace pieces, the odds are good they no longer carry that pattern. They turn their patterns over frequently, sometimes annually (likewise dishes and glassware). If you are okay with mismatched sets, it’s no big deal, but if you stick to traditional makers like Oneida, Towle, etc. the likelihood of finding matching replacements is much higher. Even patterns that these stores have carried for ages, like blue banded Brasserie at WS, ditch pieces from their lineup from time to time. Even if you stick to makers like Oneida, sometimes they slightly change the sizes of flatware pieces. So you end up with pieces that do not nest with the others.


I have an old pattern (+40 yrs) called “Grace.” First, it was made by National Stainless, then by Oneida, and lastly by Yamasaki. Discontinued every time. I accumulated extra setting when Yamasaki was on steep clearance. It’s definitely not Continental sized, which might have been the problem.

Even classics like Dansk Variation V (1957) has been manufactured in several different countries since its original creation, and the sizes of the pieces have changed. Looks as if it has finally been discontinued.

Great points all. I think the greatest insurance policy for locating replacement pieces is to have picked a pattern that was made by the millions, so that there’s more of it kicking around after it’s d/c’d.

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Sorry, it’s YAMAZAKI. Too late to edit.

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Very pretty. Do they stay well on plates? I once had a set with rounded handles that drove me crazy sliding everywhere.

Yes, I’ve never had any problem with them rolling around. The pieces lie flat even though there’s that rounded ornamental bit in the necks of the forks and spoons. And the knives are quite short by today’s “standards.”

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