What’s the kitchen task you dislike most of all?

I mentioned on another thread that my most abhorred kitchen task is peeling and deveining shrimp. Hate everything about it.

Made me wonder what that least favorite / most hated job in the kitchen is for everyone else.

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In general, cleaning/butchering proteins.

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the ONE thing I’m most likely to ask my wife or one of my daughters to help with is shrimp deshelving.

Probably waiting for something to thaw. Consequently I make 2-3 trips to the market a week.

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Not the biggest fan of deveining shrimps neither, but I think a lot has to do with the volume. I do not mind to devein a few, but after 20-30 shrimps… it get annoying.

The thing I dislike the most is washing dishes… Not fun.


Having to cater to a guest of when are we going to eat . I’m super slow . One time thanksgiving happened the next day .

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Doing the dishes is often an occasion to finish what remains of the wine enjoyed with guests. As Mom would say after suppers when the serving vessels were not empty: “Finish it. I don’t want to put it away.”


Nothing wrong. :blush:
Thanksgiving is about family (and awkward conversations). Foods are excuses for the weird conversations. Ha.


Deveining shrimp. Performing lipo on whole ducks or geese. Something about that yellow fat makes me nauseous. Picking over fresh herbs, although that depends entirely on my mindset. Sometimes, I find it relaxing, other times incredibly tedious. Thyme may just be one of the worst offenders.


I hate gutting fish. It smells awful. And I find peeling pearl onions to be so tedious that I often go with frozen, if I can get away with it.


Prepping fresh caught fish. Pain in the arse. Northern are super slimy, so you have to deslime them.


I don’t like opening pomegranates. Many of them wither away before I get around to opening them.

Shelling peas and shelling and skinning favas.


Oh yah! How could I forget peeling very fresh garlic. Drives me insane.


Find a tall plastic container with a lid, throw the cloves in it, cover and shake like a cocktail. Peeled and beautiful.


Cleaning vent hood and grids, open shelving, things on open shelving, and the backs of the fridge and wine fridge., i.e., deep cleaning day.


If you cut along the equator just through the skin, you can pull the halves apart easily. If staining is your concern, you can do it in a sink (and/or wear protective gear).

This method, combined with gently loosening them at the edges, then smacking the living shit out of them into a bowl with a wooden cooking spoon has made having pomegranate at the ready a reality. I always have a big jar in the fridge during pom season.

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That works when you need a bunch, which I rarely do, and not so reliable with very young, very fresh cloves I found.

This method has almost never worked for me.

Yikes. I had not anticipated my own (gag) reactions to reading these :rofl:

(I think I might go without fish rather than have to prep fresh-caught tbh!)

You need a pretty firm container… I use one of my Oxo Herb Keepers without the inside basket. You gotta shake long and hard (about 30 seconds with a really firm cocktail type shake - really abrupt change in direction). I do this often with as little as 3 cloves.