What’s on your mind?

Thank you everyone for your well wishes! @BeefeaterRocks , no Gucci is not as thrilled as Mrs. P :grinning: He would rather get all of the attention.


Thank you for sharing @Respectfully_Declined - oh the foibles of youth!

ETA: updated the phone last night, don’t like this new monkey! :sunglasses:

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Oh so true. New phone? Did you go with Snapple or Android?

Coincidentally I updated this iPad yesterday. I’m not sure what’s changed on it.

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I Phone 13 - where oh where did the monkey go? :monkey:

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Yes to be known as Snapple from now on!

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Now you can send money to me via Apple Pay. Woot woot.

PS - Meant I updated the iOS yesterday. It kept harassing me so I finally gave in.

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Haha - yes! We might be able to work something out lol. JK :hibiscus:

Yeah, I hesitate to update but sometimes it’s a good thing. It mainly just annoys me. But maybe more emojis? I must look now! BTW, I’ve been cautioned by the DD’s on the emojis to be avoided! :upside_down_face:

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Mine was threatening to update in the middle of the night. Then in the morning it complained it wasn’t plugged in so it didn’t update. Nag nag nag.

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So is this your first Snapple or did you just update the ios too?

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No, this is the 3rd one, but first time the new version nagged me to update. I was happy before the change, we’ll see - maybe I can un-install. Gotta check the emojis first.

Some interesting new emojis, actually. Didn’t even peruse them all.

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15.6 is mostly security updates.
There’s a cool feature in TV where you can start a sports event at one’s leisure, sort of DVR-like.

Does it have emojis with vitiligo? I’ve never had an iPhone outside of work, but I might check it out if it did.


Ok I’ve heard everything now. Sitting down at the river having beers . I don’t know where the conversation was going . It came upon the term and action. SHORT SHEETED. I thought she was bs ing me . She is a excellent house keeper. I just looked it up and it’s true. Ever hear of this .lol It has to be my favorite.

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I’ll check and get back to you, but I’m thinking not - it would be something to campaign for though. Also sunburns, rashes, etc might be helpful. :upside_down_face:

I think Bitmoji has some. I saw them somewhere.

Nope. It was a petition.

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ETA Actually it was Animal Crossing!


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Nice! I’ve admired pictures of that model, but can’t remember her name right now.

Tastes. Like. Cheekin’?

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I would not be able to sleep–or even relax–knowing that was around. I don’t care what it eats.

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Sunday market in Ubud, Indonesia
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