What’s For Dinner #87 - the Holiday Menu Planning Edition - November 2022

I also initially assumed it was fusion. I was bummed it wasn’t, until I tasted the fatboy, at which point I forgot allllll about hummus.


Most ’ restaurant ’ version first deep fried the crustacean to seal in the juices before returning them to a heated wok for stirred frying and caramelization! After splashing in some cooking wine ( flambee if possible ) add maggi sauce ( may be enhanced with a touch more sugar ) and toss to coat. Sounds simple but requires good timing and skill in executing the various steps.


Duly noted. Thank you!


Also, thank you!

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We enjoyed another excellent dinner with some friends at La Lupa restaurant in Manalapan, NJ, including an awesome Scarmoza pizza with butternut squash, hot honey, and quanciale; lobster gnocchi; melt in your mouth beef cheeks with mushroom risotto; caesar salad; and peanut butter brownie for dessert. It all went great with some excellent cabernets and a shiraz.


Split pea and ham shank soup. Grilled 5 cheese sandwich. Beefeater rocks.


As a home cook, I am considering this recipe (with some dry sherry sizzled in before the addition of Maggi): https://www.etfoodvoyage.com/garlic-maggi-prawns/


5 cheese? Sounds good. Care to elaborate?

Filet of beef on the grill. Potato-onion-gruyere gratin. Romaine with Caesar dressing.

Spuds, onions and lettuce from the garden.


I’ll remember this should I ever get there.

Inverted pizza for dinner tonight, for various reasons.
I wanted to make the pizza dough I liked so much last week again to see if it was repeatable.
No mozzarella and I’m fighting a change of weather cold or something like it and didn’t feel up to going out to pick some up.
Pizza stone takes too long to heat up.

Delicious combination, as potato pizza always is, and the inverted technique was simpler than it seemed (@LulusMom1 iirc you made this for COTM at some point?)

Also, a crisp crust, though I may have overdone the crisp a bit.

I used all-AP this time, and while the dough was lovely and supple again, I’ll have to make a “normal” pizza to do a proper comparison with last week’s half-00 version (I have another ball of dough in the fridge).


Earlier in the day, I combined the duck broth from the other day (which was lovely and gelatinous under the layer of fat I peeled off the top for later use) with more aromatics, greens, and poached chicken to make chicken noodle soup to nurse the change-of-weather cough/cold/something I’ve been fighting off and foolishly made worse last night. Very soothing.


i guess i just cook on Sundays now. :cry:

yesterday my sister and i went to Tsar Nicoulai Caviar Cafe in the Ferry Bldg. after seeing the Guo Pei exhibit at the Legion of Honor. Both were fantastic. We had the eggs on eggs, the caviar sampler of Baerii and Osetra, farmed in Greece, with all the accoutrements, and a small salad of sable and watermelon radish that our server kind of just made up for us, as we wanted the sable but didn’t want anything too big. Salad had this wonderful raspberry vinaigrette and our server gave us a jar to take home. Super nice! Splurgey for sure, but we were kind of celebrating getting out into the “real world” again (tho masked, and it was nice to see our server masked when almost no one at the museum was except us.)

Tsar Nicolai Schramberg Rose

AND, who sat down next to us at the counter? Joanne Weir (chef & cookbook author from Weir Cooking show on PBS) and her hubby. I hadn’t watched her show in AGES, but it was cool seeing her, and we chatted a little with them.

The BF and I watched a Chef John video last night and I was inspired to make his chicken fricasee today, which turned out really great. I took his suggestion of using creme fraiche instead of heavy cream, and i used a New Zealand sauvignon blanc for the wine so the dish had a nice tang, and a little heat from the cayenne he puts in just about every single recipe (this probably didn’t need it but it was still really good.) Served over buttery mashed. I also made a little green salad with that raspberry vinaigrette from Tsar Nicoulai.


Tonight was eventful, though it started out unassumingly. I made a sandwich consisting of grilled chicken, caramelized onions*, Swiss cheese, and a roasted red pepper aioli that simply required me to put a dab of mayo, a small jar of RRP, a splash of olive oil, two cloves of garlic, salt, and pepper into a food processor and let it do all the work.

*Despite cooking for 90 minutes, the onions did not resemble true caramelization. Good as they were, but not what I was looking for.

I assembled the sandwich and put it in the oven at 400 for a few minutes to get it all melty. Well, when I removed the pan, I did not realize the towel was wet and I burned my thumb pretty bad. Somehow I did not drop the meal on the floor. I probably should have let it go, but whatever. I spent dinner with one hand in a bowl of ice water and the other to hold the sandwich. It feels fine now, but I have a nice little welt dead center in my thumb.

End result: sandwich was fantastic, mainly due to the aioli. Side of waffle fries in the air fryer. Multiple drinks! No pics of anything.



Tonight’s dinner was a fail… My girlfriend requested a black olive quiche, as she loves black olives on homemade pizza. So I made one up with onions, mushrooms and black olives. Heated it up at halftime (tonight) and we tried it… NOPE!! It was edible, but it wasn’t good, so I won’t be doing that again.



I grated sharp cheddar, pepper jack, swiss and then added a small amount of smoked cheddar and smoked pepper jack my granddaughter made. I smush it altogether into a patty the same size as the bread.


I did make the inverted pizza from one of the Milk Street books (I’m thinking it’s in Mediterranean Tuesdays). I was lazy and bought a premade, roll out crust though. But we loved it. Funnily enough, I had originally planned to make it again this evening, but then we ordered in pizza on Saturday, so I scrapped that plan. Soon. Yours looks fantastic.


This sounds great - especially the smoked cheeses.

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