What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition



That’s nice, how long did the ricotta need to set?

(ChristinaM) #593

He drained it 2.5-3 days


Well, since i live alone I can’t blame anyone else for the soapy situation! I suspect the immersion blender.

That sounds like a great cafeteria meal solve! And butter with soy sauce (even vegan butter) = magic


Lots of credit to the posters here for last night’s dinner. After seeing @mariacarmen gorgeous hummus from a couple days ago; I HAD to make it. No pics but it was super creamy and delicious. I bet it will be even better today after the garlic has had some time to really work it’s magic. I added the cumin with no regrets!

Dinner was then the cold poached salmon technique a la @ccj with a dill/yogurt/cucumber/garlic spread or sauce concoction. This would have been perfect but SOMEONE cough husband cough was supposed to pull the salmon out when it got to temp. It was a bit overcooked but oh well. Sides were my reliable pan roasted broccoli and dill cucumbers where I felt I was channeling @ChristinaM

(saregama) #596

Yes! Cocktail of Zyrtec and Zantac. Plus some natural histamine blockers. It just hadn’t happened in a long time, so I thought it wasn’t an issue anymore.

(saregama) #597

From reading about it, I think it’s an enzyme deficiency, because it’s not just wine, other alcohol too.

(John Hartley) #598

It’s been a long and trying day. We finally got to bury the father in law - four weeks after he died (assorted bureaucracies contrived to delay matters). It was a lovely celebration of his life and I think he’d have enjoyed the fact that the funeral director arranged for the local British Legion to provide an honour guard. The ceremony ended with a buglar playing the “Last Post” .

We then held the wake at a local pub. The buffet was cheap, nasty and would have been insufficient had the numbers expected actually come to the wake. But it was nice to see some family members we havent seen in years. And not nice to see a couple of other family members I havent seen in years (in due course, that’ll be two family funerals I will definitely not be attending).

So, as to dinner. It may be some defrosted and microwaved brown gloop, or we may get takeaway. Either way, there are no high hopes.


A draining day, I’m sure. I’d go with the takeaway vs. defrosted brown gloop. You and the Mrs. deserve to not have to do anything after dealing with governmental bureaucracies and family members you didn’t really want to see.


Alcohol dehydrogenase deficiency (the enzyme which helps humans break down all types of alcohol). The body doesn’t care if you’re drinking wine or Bud Light. To the body, alcohol is a toxin with a definitive molecular structure - enzymes attack at specific spots to break it down.

It’s very well-known that alcohol dehydrogenase is low in East Asian folks. It might also be the case among South Asians but I don’t know for a fact.

I’m Korean but I do not have this affliction. Thank the wine gods. :relaxed:


May he rest in peace. I vote for comforting takeaway.

(John Hartley) #602

Takeaway it is then. Thanks to both for your advice.

A local Mumbai street food restaurant does home delivery so that’s that sorted!

(saregama) #603

That’s a long time to have to have waited; may he rest in peace.

I’m jealous of your neighborhood restaurant - hope it brought some comfort on a tough day.

(saregama) #604

Yup, DAO. I never had this issue until last year, so it’s a bummer.


As Linda said, treat your selves.

A month is a long time to be waiting…Is this typical? From a US perspective it seems odd, especially since the circumstances sounded expected and straight forward.

(John Hartley) #606

No, it’s a long time, as far as I know.

The situation in the borough where he died is that the coroner has to be notified of all deaths in hospital, where the patient has been there less than 24 hours. It took the hospital several days to notify the coroner (who then confirmed all was OK within 24 hours). At that point, the doctor who certified death has to complete more paperwork before the death can be officially registered with the relevent authority. More delays, as this doctor only worked two days a week (we have failed to get any satisfactory answer as to what would happen if he had gone off on 4 weeks leave!). Once he had signed the form, we had to make an appointment with the Registrar at the town hall. Appointment was several days later. At that point, we could contact the undertaker with the death certifictae. That allowed them to collect the body from the hospital and make arrangements withe the cemetery. Two weeks have now passed. The earliest available day for the service and burial was another two weeks (it’s a busy cemetery - one of the largest, if not the largest, in the UK).


What a mess. I’m sorry it dragged on. It is good to know that this is highly unusual. I hope you can take your postponed holiday soon. You both deserve some relaxation under sunny sky’s.

(maria ascarrunz) #608

glad your hummus came out good!

i love that sauce on the salmon…


You know what…that is a beautiful tribute to your folks…


You know we guys are the next day… but so many weeks for closure…
None the less he is at peace…and in all cases that is all that matters!
God Bless His Soul and those he left with us!


+1 on the cabbage. doesn’t hurt that it’s so cheap, too