What’s For Dinner #42 - 2/2019 - the Hearts & Flowers & Brrrr-Chilly Winter Edition

i hear you - i can never get everything to finish at the same time. there’s always one dish that needs reheating when everything is ready.

I definitely do that, but with one of my emergency jars of furikake instead. that, and/or a fried egg with a runny yolk over rice is one of my major comfort foods.


Went with a cheeseburger tonight seasoned with Penzeys’ Quebec seasoning mix and dried roasted garlic, and topped with a slice of prosciutto because I didn’t want to cook bacon. Ketchup on the bottom bun, cheeps alongside and wine in the glass.


Seared sous-vide top sirloin steak, green beans finished in the same skillet with thyme and butter, leftover green salad with Thousand Island, and a couple spiced sweet potato fries. Been a long day and I feel ready for adult time and beverage(s)…


Salad of stuff and random things- aka the usual!
Had half a granny smith left from juicing and peeled and chopped it up (I usually like apple peels fine but somehow not on granny smith), olives, and a slip of hand with the sunflower seeds jar so got extra of those!

Used the bell pepper strips to scoop up some of this chickpea sunflower seed salad that i made a batch of for lunches. It’s a bit beige but really tasty. Added some capers this go round which was a good decision


Made another loaf of the bread discussed in this thread:

Ate half of the loaf. Made avocado toast with 3 slices topped with a bit of Lao Gan Ma spicy chili crisp, and regular buttered toast with another slice because I ran out of avocado.


Outstanding! Mr H.


That is OUTSTANDING! I might actually have to make some of this. Although I don’t have two separate bowls of that size. Hmm…

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I haven’t cooked a lick in days and days. If I need a wholesome food making reminder, I hit up WFD photos! In MA now, son broke his foot, helping him out then back to the bus.

Best to you all!


:::waving hi from MA:::: I hope your son’s foot heals quickly. Safe travels home to your kitchen.


Upcoming for one of us - beige gloop from the freezer in the form of mac & cauliflower cheese.

For the other, supermarket ravioli and homemade (brown gloop) puttanesca sauce.

Not sure which one of us will get what. Maybe we should arm wrestle. Winner gets first pick. So, that’ll be me on seconds.

Red Leicester cheese for “afters”.


In situation like this, I usually divide the each portion into 2, so everybody has a bite of everything.


Reminds me of one of Mrs H’s ex-colleagues. Whenever he & his wife went to a restaurant, they would each order different things. And would swap plates half way through eating.


Did exactly the same in restaurants. :smiley:


Let Mrs. H win the wrestle…or she might not serve you desert!!

I can taco anything. Tonight: chicken satay tacos with peanut sauce and sesame-soy green beans.


I couldn’t take the low-histamine diet anymore - everything in my fridge and freezer was on the don’t-eat list :joy:

Made lamb biryani over a couple of days (caramelized the onions and marinated lamb, then decided I couldn’t eat lamb and yogurt and tomatoes in a dish because they were all on the LIST), made the lamb base, and finally I made the rice and layered the biryani and finished it tonight.

So. Good. I changed up the proportions in my usual recipe trying to copycat a specific restaurant version, and I think I’m getting closer…

Now off to take some antihistamines so my eyelid doesn’t blow up again :flushed:



dinner was quick
Costco’s morey salmon pan fried, then using the marinade of the salmon , added it to the softened cellophane noodles with one teaspoon of gochuchang and then a but f sesame oil and a spoonful of chili crisp to top, the last of the hot cauliflower, a glass of red wine and that is it!
Took about 15 minutes or less.


That sounds like a labor of love kind of dish! I hope the histamine sensitivity issue is (very) temporary


Just another random meal over here…!
I was buying sweet potatoes for juicing (sounds weird but it’s a great combo with greens and carrots) and decided i wanted to bake one- although oven issues so did it in the microwave. Topped with some drippy peanut butter and seasoning mix

Impulse buy of super thin asparagus that came from who knows where but I’m desperate for anything that might indicate one day winter will end. Just steamed, was really delicious!


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