What’s For Dinner #41 - 1/2019 - Clean Slate - New Plate Edition!


(ChristinaM) #121

I had sauerkraut to use up, so I decided to try “Reuben chicken” layered with kraut, Thousand island dressing, and Swiss cheese. Roasted butternut with Penzey’s Tsardust seasoning, carraway-garlic pumpernickel toasts, and crunchy kale salad alongside. Had to make my own dressing as the prefab was vile.

Chicken was OK, not a repeat, and you guessed it: now I have half a bottle of dressing to find a use for. :joy:


The age of beans can have an influence on cooking time. It’s hard to set a timer and get perfection when other variables vary

Even though I don’t own an IP, I like the concept of a programmable PC.

(ChristinaM) #123

Totally. But they have pretty quick turnover at Aldi and I have made these same beans in the Crock Pot with better success. I guess I just need to get used to the lower pressure. Harrumph.


Just a learning curve with the IP I guess. It takes time to know your equipment

Bet the next batch is on mark


I see sesame sticks on your salad!! :heart_eyes: good move.


I would be very cranky. Have you used it successfully for other beans with different/less time? Not familiar with instapot for beans, but if you didn’t soak beforehand maybe next time soak a bit to help along

Also is the thousand island dressing any good…? Or can you tweak with a bit more this and that? It sounds kinda terrifying but apparently “cheeseburger salad” is thing, and includes a so called special sauce that’s essentially thousand island.


Mondays are the longest…! After epic commute to philly had nearly 12hr work day (sketch review tomorrow). We ordered in dinner to the office but i would rather wait and be done and gone and more relaxed when eating than sitting at my desk of stressful things.

Had “house salad” with copious red onion (whatever, i do like it), cucumber and tomato with a very sparse vinegrette. Side of that lentil/chickpea bean mix tomato based soup.
Less sad because i used Real Silverware.

Coffee shop snacks shelf keeps changing- obviously i needed these bunnies!! :heart_eyes: will be having some bunnies with my tea tonight

(maria ascarrunz) #128

i didn’t know it had been around so long! yes, very good.
We stayed at the Monterey Tides, about a 10 minute drive from the Wharf/Aquarium, etc. What a beautiful area to grow up in!


This actually looks like one of your better Philly meals! The soup is a beautiful color.

(maria ascarrunz) #130

your charsiu looks amazing. Would you mind sharing your recipe? The BF is a huge fun… so am i, actually.

(maria ascarrunz) #131

Tonight’s dinner was Strange Flavor Chicken (aka Bang-Bang) Salad, following a recipe of buttertart of CH fame, and also SE. Turned out great, loved the flavors in this. served with rice for some carbs for the BF.

last night I made flap steak, briefly marinated in minced garlic, fresh ginger and Maggi seasoning. first time cooking that cut and I loved it - nice and chewy.

also brussels sprouts roasted with pancetta and tossed with balsamic glaze. And, frozen Alexia fries, recommended by someone on a food group on FB, but we didn’t love them. The BF makes excellent fries so I think I’ll just let him make them from now on.


Thank you! Immediately looked up strange favor/bangbang, and I’m sharing it here.

Bang bang!

What about subbing tahini for Chinese sesame paste? I also have seeds and oil.

(maria ascarrunz) #133

that’s exactly what I did, as I didn’t have any sesame paste. it was listed as a recommended substitute on one of the recipes i looked at online.

actually - that Mission Food recipe is one i looked at too! and here’s SE’s: https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2012/07/strange-flavor-chicken-sichuan-chinese-style-chicken-salad-recipe.html


Yay! Sounds great! I love Seriouseats. I also love that shredded rotisserie chicken you can buy from Costco. It has about a 6 week use by date (before opening) !

(Jimmy ) #135

Went low brow for dinner last night. Coney Island hot dogs and cottage cheese…

(ChristinaM) #136

The Chinese paste is a bit roastier tasting and usually has some peanuts in it. I suggest adding toasted sesame oil and peanut butter to your tahini to approximate it.


My toddler loves those bunny snacks, too! :rofl:


did cook for the last 3 but dd not take picture bec son ordered food twice a week from this new site. Choice of 2 meals/week for around $40 plus ( ingredients delivered fresh, but have to cook them ugh!!!) I guess he is procrastinating that I am not cooking much but with my diet, it is quite hard esp now that I have sort of a cold/flu symptoms.

So, had chicken breast soaked in buttermilk overnight,( Kenji Lopez’s recipe from Serious Eats) pan fried after dipping in egg, sweet potato starch and 60-40% parmesan , then topped with more parmesan/mozarella cheese into the oven till cheese melted, served with Kenji’s best red sauce ( cooked for 3 hours in oven, but these are from my frozen stock).

Also marinaded pork chops in five spice powder, soy sauce, shaoxling wine, garlic, cider vinegar for him to either brown or grill.

Too tired to take pictures


alternatively, you can use satay sauce which is made with sweet and spicy flavored peanuts with coconut accent. I happen to have a bottle of Lee Kum Kee ( not my favorite ) that I found in our local grocery store. Satay is Indonesian. It is often used when one cooks sate Babe . Just bought it on a whim if my Sate Babe is not flavored enough to add to.

(maria ascarrunz) #140

i know Satay from Thai food… So you’ve made the strange flavor chicken with satay? interesting, i would think it would give it a whole different flavor, especially with the coconut. I did like the tahini in this, as at least it’s using sesame.