What’s For Dinner #41 - 1/2019 - Clean Slate - New Plate Edition!


(ChristinaM) #730

Thanks! The fries are Alexia (frozen) - if I were making these just for myself, I would have seasoned the hell out of 'em, as I find regular sweet potato fries too sweet without a lot of chili powder and spicy seasoning. The things we do for love :slight_smile:

(saregama) #731

Yes! They’re so good with spice (I like the Chile lime seasoning from TJ for this too!) - ot if plain, with a spicy aioli or sriracha mixed into mayo or similar.


My attempt at Mapo Tofu. I can’t remember the last time I made this dish. I was distracted for just a minute and the sauce over-reduced. It was still solid. The flavor seemed almost timid at the start, but the heat and numbing sensations slowly built up to a well-rounded finish. As the focus of a meal, I definitely preferred this version to overpowering restaurant versions I’ve had.

I mostly followed this recipe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfsZwwrTFD4


Kinda different than the usual salad tonight- found a random jar of marinated artichoke hearts in the cupboard, plus the usual cucumber and olives. The market has ruby red grapefruits and oranges in bins next to each other and apparently my citrus identification skills are lacking. So instead of having an orange as a snack i added the grapefruit to my salad- i like the grapefruit but not so much as is for a snack.
Can’t tell from the pic but i made a big batch of vinegrette with my extra kimchi liquid and it’s SO good!

Very stupid cold here tonight, i should have made a new soup but didn’t want to go to the store. Had a big mug of hot miso broth a la carte, followed by lots of hot tea. (Note to self, buy more cocoa powder!)

There’s a honeycrisp and almond butter i’ll probably have for dessert with even more tea


No fuss about it Wednesday. Chicken and mango sausages . Cooked en papillote . Annie’s mac and cheese with shaved Romano. Wine to drink . Cheers .


Not the things you do for love .You suffer for your food . Lol

(Jimmy ) #736

That English Roast I intended for dinner that was replaced by OnCor, did get done last night.

Seasoned it up liberally in the morning and returned it to the 'fridge. Into the Slo Cooker with a few Yukon Gold Potatoes, and six hours later had a fork tender meal. Button mushrooms added about an hour before serving.

Our Canon Sure Shot continues to disappoint…


Maybe turn off the flash if you can…direct flash kills food photo.

(Jimmy ) #738

Perhaps. I think I need to do some test pictures before shooting a plated meal. I’ve also been thinking our kitchen is a very dreary room. It gets very little natural light, and when we have the lights on, they throw
an unappealing yellow light. Stay tuned…


You are sure you have Sure Shot? It’s a film camera, not a digital.

As for yellow light correction, this is of some help. (maybe not the right model, but all canon camera has more or less the same interface).
Choose the Tungsten light option.

(Jimmy ) #740

Wow, that’s really helpful naf. Thanks for going after that. Our camera is a Canon, I think the Model is PC1732…


Holy moly. Hope your cold goes away fast and damn that cat! Ouch!!! That is brutal!


Pan seared chicken breasts with a mushroom wine sauce, roasted sweet potatoes and Brussel sprouts. Came together fast. Next time I will thicken the sauce a bit. An unexciting photo:

I’m debating what to do about dinner tonight. I had planned to do ribs a la @RedJim but perhaps I should save them for the weekend. It was a balmy 2 degrees this morning so something warm and hearty is in order!

(Jimmy ) #743

Those Brussel Sprouts are gorgeous!

(John Hartley) #744

In an attempt to be more seasonal with dinners, I’m making a determined effort to cook from the three “Kitchen Diaries” books by Nigel Slater (my all time favourite recipe writer).

Tonight, a chicken & leek pie (from KD2). Chicken breasts are poached in milk (with bay, pepper, onion), then chopped. Leeks and bacon are fried. There’s a roux, using the chicken milk. Everything is mixed together and cools.

A sheet of supermarket puff pastry is cut in half. One bit goes on a baking sheet, the chicken mix goes on and the second bit of pastry goes over the top and is crimped round. Egg wash and a sprinking of Parmesan goes on top. It gets 35 minutes in the oven at 200.

To accompany, there’s a half a butternut squash that can roast in the oven. And a tin of celery hearts can also warm through in the oven. Easy peasy.


Taste good in words already, let us know how it goes… I like chicken pie but never make it at home.

This is the recipe?

(John Hartley) #746

That’s the one, naf. Here’s the version with the original metric weights and temperatures:


Thanks, metric is better!


I haven’t done any cooking since the weekend, other than reheating leftovers.

But I just had to say that I love our WFD group. The comments in the past couple of days have run the gamut:

PSTOG (which is never a bad thing to keep vampires away!) :vampire:
eye colds :eye:
The Inimitable Fierce Bitey Kitty :smirk_cat:
The one who loves Fierce Bitey Kitty from afar! :crying_cat_face:
Snake-proof boots :hiking_boot:
The reason for snake-proof boots (I couldn’t find that damn thing for the life of me, so thank for the follow-on picture, @meatn3!) :snake:
Ashes on a copperhead snake :smoking:
Cold remedies :cold_face:
Things we do for love :heart_eyes:
Photography lessons :camera:

and some AMAZING food pics! :poultry_leg: :fried_egg: :broccoli: :sandwich: :stew: :ramen: :wine_glass:



i like that you didn’t mince the hell out of those eggs - nice to see some actual pieces!