What’s for Dinner #31 - The Blustery Month Edition - March '18

Slept in.
Boyz said NO!
Made a bunch of bacon for work sandwiches.
Phone calls with sister and Mom re: upcoming move.
Caramelized a shit ton of onions.

Dinner had to use said shit ton of caramelized onions.

B/S chicken thighs seasoned with s/p, garlic powder and minced rosemary, pan-seared, removed, and then a 1/2 cup of chicken stock added along with a sploosh of white wine and some caramelized onion. Reduced a bit, chicken thighs added back on, covered, cooked until done. A couple of Tbsp. of heavy cream added at the end to make a sauce.

Steamed green beans and white wine were the sides. Oscars Red Carpet and Award Show will be dessert. (Along with more of the Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter Cookies.)


Winds finally died down. While not as severe as New England it still had me rattled. My hyacinths are bruised, battered and flat on the ground. Lady Banks Rose has begun to bloom - a rich golden yellow. Which made me think of egg yolks.

So dinner tonight was hash browns, easy over eggs, bacon and a quick sauté of tomato and spinach.
Nice and comforting after several days of constant wind.

Hope those of you who bore the brunt of this storm fared well


While doing obnoxious necessary apartment projects and laundry today i cooked up a pot of beans- almost followed this recipe but swapped in some homemade veg stock, used odds and ends of beans instead of fancy heirloom ones, and swapped in cashew cream for the heavy cream.

I had a big mug of the beans as a late lunch, for dinner i had more of the beans and some of the stewed greens beans from yesterday. I decided to open the port dad sent me home with on my last visit- it’s a long story but he makes wine in the garage with a few friends who work professionally in the wine industry (he’s just the guy with a garage!) and his friend from childhood is a graphic designer, he does the labels and gets paid in wine. This label has his vintage ‘66 MG in the image. They have made sparkling wine, port, pinot, chardonnay, etc.
This was a wonderful surprise, very complex and smooth


Dinner at the parents’ house. Burmese Khao Swe — coconut chicken curry noodles. You add your own toppings. Tonight’s mood was egg whites, onion, a bit of cilantro, fish sauce, a squeeze of lime, and red chilli flakes fried in oil.


That label is so cool - love the MG!

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Chateau garage ! haha!

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I adore the clever labels and cheeky wording (car port!) and they have a big party when the wine is ready to bottle to have lots of people helping and they bbq, everyone goes home with a few bottles!

You have to say it with a thick fake french accent! Kind of convincing that way :wink:

It’s a port, can’t be from France! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Is it a personal project? Or they sold some bottles?
1999 is vintage now, but only 1 bottle?!

full afternoon of cooking yesterday, which resulted in:

Kentucky Bourbon-Brown Butter Cake;
Shakshuka with said harissa;
Roast Turkey Thigh;
A NYT recipe for cabbage and sausage;
Tomato sauce

Cake was buttery and boozy. Martha Stewart recipe, turned out good. BF re-glazed it last night after i went to bed, with a chocolate glaze. for me it changed the whole yummy profile of the cake, but I did make it for him!

Homemade harissa. I used three different dried kinds of dried peppers: Guajillos, pasillas, and ñoras, and added sundried tomatoes and preserved lemon. This stuff is crack! had some on egg this morning.

Shakshuka - great! added thin slices of Spanish chorizo for the BF, a bit of feta, and thick greek yogurt.

Seasoned a turkey thigh with Slap Yo Mama, Old Bay, and lots of fresh thyme, and roasted it with butter and olive oil. That’ll be part of dinner some night this week.

NYT sausage & cabbage recipe - alternate layers of cabbage, sausage, and buttah. Cooked for 2.5 hours under parchment and foil. Melty yum - that’s for tonight’s dinner.

Tomato sauce was because i got a a bunch of very soft tomatoes for $.69, as I needed some for the shakshuka.

Probably all the cooking that will happen until Sunday. I am confident we shall not starve.


Thanks, JTPhilly. Thankfully it’s all over today.

Would never starve at Maria and BF’s!

Breaded tempeh cooked in the same pan with seasoned fried eggs. Tempeh was first steamed to soften, marinated shortly in beetroot liquid (from peel I saved just for this kind of things). The rest was done like Schnitzel (but I can’t call it Schitzel because it’s not).

In the bowl: quinoa, minced cauliflower and red cabbage kimchi.

Dipping sauce is Gochuchang and sesame oil. And that’s my Korean knife bought in Busan (got 3).

At Busan fish market.


I never had tempeh before, is it from Indonesia?

Yes, that is correct.

Made beef stew Sunday, had it tonight. Pretty good, nothing fancy. But it does scream for biscuits. So maybe tomorrow night.


Well said, I still have some leftover from last week, yours looks more “soup” than mine. Maybe I would finish mine with some polenta.

Thanks…I should probably call it veg. beef soup instead of stew. We don’t thicken it as
often as we use to. But we do like biscuits or dumplings with it, so that counts as a
thickener (certainly for my waistline).

No definitely not from france! The grapes are grown in CA deep in carmel valley, and the wine maker himself is italian- so who knows what to call it! There were a few cases made that year, i think the next vintage of port was five years or so later. It seems to need a good long time in the bottle to age!

Your scallops look absolutely delicious Linda

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that carbonara! how was it non-dairy, did you say? no cheese?

I like this set of photos more than the other set you have made with the same blue background a week or so ago (Korean meal?), they have a stronger focal point.