What’s for Dinner #25 - 09/2017 - the Autumnal Edition

Long training day in 90F weather and I just needed something green and cold last night. I discovered a pork tenderloin in the freezer and popped it in the circulator. Sliced and diced, tossed on a bed of butter lettuce with 3 year crunchy crystal goida, blue cheese, bacon and a champagne olive oil vinaigrette.

Sheep’s milk yogurt with mixed berries for dessert. I’m so glad the local Whole Foods started carrying this, it’s a favorite.


Thanks to a Thermapen recommendation here on Hungry Onion, finally perfected reverse searing on the grill. Sage and hickory cold-smoked strip steaks finished with marrow butter. (The magic of cold smoking and the marrow butter were courtesy of our local butcher.)

There’s more: While cooking these I had to face down one of the bobcats that have been ranging in our yard. He or she kept a good distance. Whew. An exciting meal in more ways than one!


The universe has spoken, and it recommends DH slow down. In spite of every available electronic reminder known to mankind, DH managed to mix up the dates for the annual BBQ for which he does the cooking.
We now have six full racks of spare ribs. Last night we barbeque grilled 2 racks, both were dry rubbed one was sauced. The un sauced were better IMO. I prefer ribs grilled as opposed to smoked, because I like some resistance and chew, I’m not a fall off the bone fan. Today however, our neighbor is smoking 2 of the racks, and two went into the freezer. Ribs will be what’s for dinner last night, tonight, tomorrow night …


assistant pit master


I do a whole pork shoulder with apple cider, onion, currants … so delicious and perfect for this time of year.


Your assistant is adorable! BTW, like you I prefer a little bit of resistance to my ribs - you can get that in the smoker, but you have to be fairly precise with your timing, as there is a somewhat narrow window between underdone/too tough and falling off the bone. I know many people who smoke meat like to foil ribs after a few hours but I find that makes them more likely to be too tender, so I never foil mine. Creates great bark that way too!

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FYI, the voting thread for Cuisine of the Quarter is now live - check it out and cast your vote! Fall 2017 (Oct-Dec) Cuisine of the Quarter - VOTING THREAD

She is preforming her cocktail wizardry right now!

Irena and I did a grocery run. Dinner tonight starts with oysters. Linda has a watermelon/vodka idea to go with. Then salad and a seafood chowder with mussels, clams and hake. Chowder will begin with corn cob stock. Corn, onions, potatoes will contribute. We arrived back and overheard some talk of beets…guess I’ll find out!

Massive amount of shrubs and bitters which we played with last night when we did a gin tasting (Coniption American style and Green Hat).

Everyone is pretty tired today so just taking it slow. Cell and internet quite spotty.

It’s great seeing all of them again!


Have awonderful time! Happy anniversary!

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Enjoy your trip! Don’t forget us and report back highlight of your meal!


TY … I’m not really a fan of smoked meats with the exception of Big W’s brisket and ribs, but these look pretty good so I’ll force myself :wink: I will report back.

IMG_4638 (2)


Don’t! Send them over, they are yummy! I love smoked meats!


So tonight I made a yummy Moroccan quinoa salad, Zaatar roasted cauliflower and baked BISO chicken breasts.

The inspiration was that I wanted to use up some dates that I had- both the cauliflower and salad had dates in it.


Enzo is 6 months old today so dinner is his favorite- flap meat on the grill, hassleback potatoes and broccoli.


Geez, sorry thats so big!!!

They were very, very good, as a matter of fact I am going to ask him to smoke the other two racks
but sans sauce for me and DH.


cross paws :slight_smile:


Dates and za’atar? Be still, my beating heart. Any chance you can point us to a recipe for the cauliflower? Seems like fab food for cooler weather.


Nice! I prefer my smoked meats with rub only as well - I might add a little sauce at the table, but if the rub is good I don’t think sauce is required.

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Enzo is magnificent! Oh, and dinner sounds good too! :wink:


Big gringo taco salad for dinner tonight - seasoned ground beef, blackened onions and peppers, radishes, pickled jalapenos, green olives, cilantro, cheese and sour cream, all on a bed of romaine. Fresh, crunchy and very delicious!

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