What’s cooking on game day

Super bowl is days away.

What are you making?

Me possibly burgers (juicy Lucy) and fries for simplicity and it’s origin

More buying than cooking. Sis is hosting and providing the hoagies. I’m bringing the fresh soft pretzels, assorted mustards and the Victory Hop Devil IPA. Not sure what other folks are bringing or what meat(s) BIL will be cooking up, but I’m sure there will be Eagles wings.

I am baking my Eagles brownies. When the brownies are fresh out of the oven, punch holes with a skewer on the top. Then layer Andes mints on the top and spread–the mints seep down the holes and you have green and black brownies.

Want to guess where my family resides :smirk:


I’m making plans to celebrate the Eagles victory.

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& wings.

Don’t have full menu yet but definitely Lydia Bastianich’s Spare Ribs Roasted with Vinegar and Red Pepper. So good! I like to serve them with something pickled to cut the richness. Probably giardiniera.


I was thinking of making the same recipe. I have made it a couple times before. Completely delicious.

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The wings were good, the game was better!

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Did a spatchcocked chicken rubbed with a paste of butter/olive oil/salt/pepper/paprika/chili oil/oregano and grilled outside, (70’ here in Houston).

Served with Dill Potato Salad and Pan Fried Green Beans.

It was good.


Wow, there was a lot of food! My bil did a roast beef in a new approach (500 degrees for 10 min/pound, then turn off the oven and leave it for 2 hours before slicing) . . . it was delicious, but damn the horseradish he got was sinus-clearing! He also made wings both baked and fried (and again on the spicy side) and sis made shrimp. Other sis made pasta salad, really cute Eagles desserts and cupcakes. Then there were the hoagies, soft pretzels, chips & dip, Hop Devil, Yuengling, wine and I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things (but hey, I was sleeping over, so I got to imbibe without worrying about driving home :sunglasses:

And finally, we got a trophy!:triumph: Great game. We all woke up still pumped at 6:00 am on very little sleep,:eagle::eagle::eagle:


We decided to skip the Superbowl party we were invited to because we were out pretty late the night before (got home at 2:30am!)

So, for just the 4 of us watching the game at home, we had:
Buffalo wings with celery sticks and dressing
Hot Corn Dip with tortilla chips (Trisha Yearwood’s recipe)
Potato Balls and Ham Croquettes from a local Cuban bakery (Porto’s, for those in LA)
Chocolate Sponge cake (storebought) and coffee for dessert

It was good. We were full. :slight_smile:

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