What just doesn't taste the same anymore - foods from childhood


Pizza Hut thousand island seafood pizza. Used to be a treat in high school in a country where pizzas are not common, until I went to college in the US and had delivery chain pizzas. I ate the thousand island pizza once after that and it was shite…

And then delivery chain pizzas start tasting like shite once I start eating real pizzas.


Fish. e.g. yellow croaker. Used to be all wild caught. I guess we ate them all throughout our childhood, now all there’s left is the farm raised ones. And they just smell fishy.

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I use to use Cambells soup as a cheat with a lot of recipes but I found their soups to taste like tin now. All I taste is the can, the tomato soup especially.

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Diet sodas just don’t have that same flavor since they took the Cyclamates out…

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Klondike ice cream bars. These used to be made by a Pittsburgh area dairy store called Isaly’s, now long gone. Regrettably the Klondike bar brand lives on like the undead. No longer lives up to the promise of an enjoyable frozen dairy treat for me — and I do try one every now and then.


A member if the Isaly family is a neighbor of my parents. Even though their family no longer owns Klondike bars, the confection is what they bring as a hostess gift to gatherings!


Omfg fresca was THE best!!! But it was also always calorie free, so it’s not HFCS vs sugar. I think it’s less grapefruit flavor and they changed the fake sweetner they use at some point. The la croix grapefruit with a splash of lemon is the best i can get to what I remember


Now that brings me back. Sitting out on the porch, protecting my nose and mouth with a cocktail napkin.

I attribute most of my “not like it used to be” to older tastebuds and/or a cloudy memory, but I used to loooove Good Humor toasted almond bars. I made the terrible mistake of buying one at a town fair a few years ago, and it was like gum covered in bread crumbs.


This is very mean but I’m glad to hear that… I can’t have “real” ice cream any more yet have great memories of klondike bars- my grandma always had some in the freezer and we would eat them on her deck together. It would make me very sad to have one now and be so disappointed.


Ya sorry, I was just talking about sugar vs high fructose in general … I look forward to Passover every year when all the kosher sweets, including fox’s ubet are made with sugar rather than corn syrup, a big difference. I know fresca was a diet soda, it and light n lively garden style cottage cheese had a reserved shelf in our fridge. Fairway carried a diet grapefruit soda in a bottle that was incredible, of course I don’t remember what brand it was and they carry about 10 different ones. I like the San Pellegrino grapefruit soda a lot, but it isn’t diet, we use a squeeze or splash of lemon in it as well. I’m stocking up, since nestle has bought them it will probably start to suck soon. Nothing will ever replace fresca it was insanely good and refreshing. Will try La Croix


Have you tried Ting?


Ooh that san pelligrino grapefruit one is good! The la croix is a little less intense since it’s a flavored seltzer, certainly worth trying if you haven’t yet.

I totally buy a few bottles of Ubet every passover! I don’t use it often but it is so much better than hershey’s


The excellent grapefruit soda I had from Fairway had sediment in it. If Ting is imported I will have to be carful because I’m so allergic to everything … it sounds great though I will look for it regardless, TY

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My husband loves Ting. We had it in the Caribbean. Sadly, he can’t have sugar anymore.


Generally lost in all discussions about things “not tasting the same or as good any longer,” and I’ve read through dozens if not hundreds of them over the years, is the fact that nothing will really taste the same to any of us over time no matter what. Without getting into a discussion of whether the big bad food manufacturers are using cheap ingredients to make bigger profits, our taste acuity diminishes and changes over time, just like all our other senses; We can’t see as well, we can’t hear as well, and so on. Same thing with taste, not to mention lovemaking, but I digress. So the taste we experience with Oreos or anything else today simply isn’t the same, nor likely as pleasant, as we remember from back then (and let’s not even start on the fragility of memory). In short, the manufacturer may or may not be making some item you used to love the same way as before, but either way, as life goes on, it likely won’t taste the same, or as good.

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Wow, thank you for sharing! To this day, so many people who grew up with Isaly’s and or Isaly’s products have fond memories.

Beyond Klondikes, Isaly’s was also known for its chipped ham, an ice cream flavor called White House (vanilla ice cream with maraschino cherries), and Skyscraper ice cream cones packed tall with a special scoop.

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Kindred spirits in our memory of Klondike bars. :grinning:


Forget about Ice Cream and popsicles, we don’t even have any ice cream trucks to buy them from anymore, at least here in my Blue Bubble Eco-town.

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I always but it in vacuum-sealed packets for this very reason. Yech!

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& Cott Soda which I haven’t had in ages. Raspberry was the best.