What just doesn't taste the same anymore - foods from childhood


I had some Open Nature brand blueberry-flax granola and the flavor and texture of the (freezdried?) blueberries reminded me of Booberry cereal. It has been 30-40 years since I have eaten boo-berry but it did bring back the flavor memory. It turned the milk blue too. I think I bought it at safeway if you want to try it.


I guess I’m still a child . I’m not turning it down when offered. :dancing_men:

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nilla wafers and oreos


Chunks were chunks. Most of today’s “chunk” tuna looks like cat food, with the better quality versions looking like slightly chunky cat food…

But then, even as “recently” as 30 years ago, America’s (and everyone else’s outside of Japan) obsession with sushi was in its infancy and there was relatively little demand (outside of Japan) for tuna for any purpose except canning, so an industry that sells a huge percentage of its output based mainly on price wasn’t left scrambling after scraps - pretty much literally… (ETA) You can still buy good canned tuna. What you can’t buy is good mass-market canned tuna that’s cheap relative to “other” food prices…


My Grandmother used to put butter on them when we went to her house.

I haven’t seen a Mickey Banana Flip in forever.


Campbells’ condensed soups. Not that they were were ever great, but some of them, at least, were edible. Not so much the chicken or by the time I was old enough to pay attention, the “cream ofs”, but I did like the tomato, and the vegetable soups, and even the beef barley. Dunno what it was about it that I liked so much (MSGmaybe?:wink:), but I was especially fond of the vegetarian vegetable even into the mid-80s. But then after a hiatus of about 15 years I tried it again and it was awful, and the tomato was really pretty bad, too. (And I’m not an anti-canned soup snob. I eat quite few canned soups for reasons of single-person-household convenience, and in a few cases, even like them, though I do wish they were somewhat less salty. There’s a sort of “chunky” tomato Progresso soup - not called that, but that’s the idea - which isn’t bad for canned, though I the tomato-basil soup tastes like watered-down, low-end jarred “spaghetti sauce”.)

My mother always said that the cream-ofs had once been decent, at least as “bases”, basically back in the day when all those recipes that later became staple foodie-jokes were born, through the late 60s… But she’d stopped using them by the mid-70s, saying they’d gone too far downhill. (Her cooking, which was never mainly frozen/convenience-food based hadn’t changed, so it wasn’t that.) And judging by the ingredients labels (and very occasional, basically involuntary) taste, they’ve pretty much been flavored starch paste during all of my you post-teenage life…

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I have not had nilla wafers but I really hate oreos now. They are just not what they used to be at all!! And I must add, at this rate, I am afraid to try my once beloved Yankee Doodles or Ring Dings!! And Entenmann chocolate donuts taste just like all the other flavors!

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They must be doing something with vodka, because when I was a kid I would have choke that stuff down. It would burn, my eyes would tear I could barely do a shot, now, forget about it!! It goes down like water!!!

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Yes, I had the same issue with tequila

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Orange Crush, the soda. Drank copious amounts as a preteen and teenager. Stopped drinking it in my twenties, when my preferred beverages became Bud and whiskey. Fast forward a decade or so, and I noticed that Orange Crush was on a huge marketing roll. I had five kids, stair steeped in age, so I decided to introduce them to OC.

I tried it before springing it on them. Wasn’t the same as in my youth. But all my kids loved it. Preferred it over Coca Cola & Pepsi Cola, too.

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I bought a two pound loaf about a year or so ago. (I was a-mazed at the retail price!). Took it home and sliced off a few pieces. To quote the Monkees: “disappointment haunted all my dreams.”

The question became: What do I do with 1.80 pounds of jiggly cheese I paid $7.99 for?

My solution was pan fried Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Many, many grilled cheese sandwiches. I shared the sandwiches with our two dogs (they Love–with a capital L, cheese). They handled the Velveeta like they do peanut butter; stuck all over the roofs of their mouths, heads rolling a bit, determination in their eyes. So, in the end, there was that fun.

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That and house paint chips. God, when I was a kid paint had such a great robust earthy flavor, now blah!


I bet paste still tastes nice and salty!


Fresca :nauseated_face: it used to be so so good
More often than not it’s the high fructose that’s replaced sugar
and the additives that give foods a weirdly gummy slimy mouth feel that
make these foods inedible … we are literally eating poisoned
EDIT: tasting like garbage does not help


The half chocolate and half vanilla paper containers with the wooden spoon that I would eat while at the circus when it was at MSG … what is available now is absolutely nothing at all like the original

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That made it - that wooden spoon!


Is Tab still available? I hope not.


The same with mosquito truck spray. We used to chase the trucks on our bicycles while they spewed out enormous clouds of fog, now it’s down to a pittance.

It’s just not the same since they did away with DDT, what an intoxicating aroma.


See if you can lay your hands on Mexican Fanta Orange, real sugar, real good.


We had Campbell cream of mushroom soups throughout the 80s and early 90s. Wonder how they taste now.