What just doesn't taste the same anymore - foods from childhood


One of my Pittsburgh grandfather’s favorite jokes was: The Isays told the Isalys that they should get the L out!
I never thought it was very funny, but he enjoyed it. I grew up in Pittsburgh loving Klondikes, chipped ham, and ham salad from Isaly’s. I haven’t tasted any of them in years even though you can get Klondikes everywhere now. I don’t want to ruin my memories…


White House Cherry was my all-time favorite ice cream, especially in the Skyscraper cones. Apprently they’re bringing some of the flavors (including White House Cherry) back: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/isalys-ice-cream-makes-its-return-to-market-300429954.html
Although, based on this discussion, it might be a disappointment. I’d be willing to try it though except Pittsburgh is far from where I live now (SF Bay Area).


The only problem I remember with Klondikes is that sometimes big pieces of the chocolate coating would fall off into your lap!

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I’ll try to taste test that flavor the next time I am back there. (Not very often these days.) The company that bought rights to the ice cream apparently got the original Isaly’s recipes, so it would be interesting to sample the quality. Wonder if they stuck with the formulas.

I don’t have a clue about whether the Klondike recipe changed under Unilever’s ownership, which is apart from the ice cream products. The bars are certainly not manufactured locally like the Klondikes of old. That alone would account for a lesser experience—fresher, local ice cream products are the best!

I can say that chocolate flakes off a Klondike of any vintage. Some things don’t change :wink:


It didn’t really bother me as a kid, but it’s not the look I’m going for these days!


On the other hand, think of all the things that taste much better now. For me - avocados, raw tomatoes, raw mushrooms, coffee, sushi…


And whiskey


Good one!


How about jiffy pop? That was our camping popcorn and it seemed pretty good when I was a kid. We would cook it over the camp fire.


Loved that stuff! It was like entertainment and a snack in one!! Haven’t had it in who knows how many years… i just know it tastes better in my memories than it ever would today.


How long ago did you discover these were wonderful benefits of life?
The older I get the more I realize I was a latchkey kid before the term existed.
We ate out all the time and had TV dinners
even pre microwave. Coffee from age 2.
A different time .


Jiffy pop was a lot of fun! I miss that stuff.

How about orange sherbet? It seems the new stuff lacks that acidic punch. Maybe like others mentioned, you get old and your taste buds weaken. I still love it but it seems that it was a lot better when I was a kid along with creamsicles.

For any east coast people, how about Stewart’s root beer. That seemed a lot better decades ago.


Just reading these posts . I am going to go get myself a tv dinner and some jiffy pop this week. Now which tv dinner to get ? Hmmm . The Turkey or chicken dinner .


So much fun to prepare! Also, tasted like a hot styrofoam cup! Always! Even when I was seven!


Oh man, on the rare occasion we had a babysitter (generally one of the grandmas would watch us aka awesome dinner guaranteed) we could choose a treat for dinner- either tv dinner or blue box mac n cheese. I was usually into mac and cheese til that new babysitter ruined it by adding some canned olives she found (wtf??!). I do fondly remember one that came with stuffing which was even more of a treat because stuffing was only a thanksgiving dish.

And now i want stuffing.


No canned olives in mac and cheese. Complete deal breaker.

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Cott and don’t forget Hoffman’s. I loved Sarsaparilla and the cream.

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Quite a decision! Fried chicken?


Playdough…If you have ever had it, it used to be very salty…the new version seemed less salty…so I guess with us boomers getting older, they have gone to a Low Sodium version!

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When I was a kid I would make the playdough hamburger and or pizza and every time I would get so excited that I would bite it, each time some how thinking it was going to improve and actually taste good.