what is your favorite winter green?

Winter months are coming, the greens are blossom,

We have so many choices, pea shoots, mustard green, white
mustard, gai lan, tonghao (Chrysanthemum coronarium), just to name a few.

let us share our favorite and how we like it to be done.

My favorite is thai gai lan (this is the name the farmer gaves

For me, it tastes between gai lan and Rapini.
I only find this in one farm, that is Moa farm in Sunnyvale,
Ca farmer’s market.

It has a little bitter taste, like Rapini, but less;
a little sweet like baby gai lan.

The texture is also between, gai lan tends to be a little
rough, not delicate enough, Rapini is a little watering,
Thai gai lan’s texture is, crunchy and delicate.

I usually saute with ginger, it is so good!
I will share a photo when its season starts.

I love gai lan too. Might be my favorite too. But broccoli rabe and escarole are also close.

i am not well-versed in asian greens but +1 on escarole and rabe.

Savoy cabbage sauteed with bacon. Perfect with a roast dinner or with pie and mash .


I get the dangerously spiny kind with long legs, strip off the dagger spiked leaves, cut off the top third of the “head”, and chop up the legs into bite size bits. Boil till tender, let cool, and then I cut the artichoke heads in half, lengthwise, and pull out the hairy choke, leaving just the heart and the softest leaves. I then dress everything (including the chopped up legs) with olive oi, salt and lemon. Serve at room temp.