What is your favorite Le Creuset? (color, form...)

I used to have a Marseille piece – a now discontinued 3.5 quart oval. It was a great piece and a really nice color. That’s probably the only painted cast iron piece I actually miss. I do still own two smallish Staub pieces that get regular use, and I have a 3 quart casserole from the highly under-appreciated KitchenAid Streamline series somewhere in the vault (note to self to remember to look down there before buying something new). It’s “Empire red,” a great non-Le Creuset color, IMO (that would also be an “epic” thread).

I only own Le Creuset in two colors - Cerise & flame

So Cerise and flame are my two favourites, Cerise probably NUMERO UNO.

I gave my father my beige-white Le Creuset ECI pot - I like that color too, but I think that color is discontinued in the Le Creuset palette.


The hardest word to pronounce in the English language, IMHO.

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