What Is Your Favorite Cooking Brandy

I’ve never cooked with brandy before but there’s a French toast recipe on YT that looks enticing and cooking brandy is an optional ingredient. I’d like to try it.

What do you use?

We use Korbel, it is local, tastes good in mixed Drinks and in the Kitchen. (and we get 50% off at the Cellars) :laughing:
Most of the ones from N. Cal Wine country are fine for Cooking I wouldn’t curl up with a sniffter of any of them but they are by no means “Bad”.

When I cooked in French restaurants in the 70’s & 80’s this brand, De Villle, was ubiquitous.

Supermarket own label - as it’s always the cheapest.

Gets used maybe once or twice a year - for the brandy sauce to accompany Christmas Pudding and for filet de boeuf a la Avignonaise, which require sit to be flambeed for the sauce.

OK, I know the distinction between cognac and brandy … I keep this on hand

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That’s what I use.

Christian Brothers has a brandy that was very good the last time I tasted it… but that was decades ago. Still, I think it worth a try.

I just thought of this: He also recommended grated orange peel. Maybe Cointreau would kill two birds w/one stone.

But thanks to all for the suggestions!

Nice price! I’ll try it - when I can find it. PS: it’s out at all Manhattan Targets but it’s at Warehouse Wine & Spirit. Might just get the sample bottle because I’m only using it for an experiment.

They still make it & sell it at Warehouse Wine & Spirit.

If you’re looking for brandy for french toast, try Grand Marnier. Makes great french toast. Worst case scenario, if it doesn’t work in your recipe, you still have a bottle of Grand Marnier.

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Cointreau has is really nothing like Brandy’s Flavor Profile. It is a rather clean Orange Flavor whereas Brandy is aged in Wood and takes on a complex Flavor profile.
“ElJefe”'s Suggestion of Grand Marnier makes more sense as a Substitution since it is a Blend of Cognac(A type of Brandy from the Cognac Region of France) and Bitter Orange Essence.

All that said, in a French Toast Recipe almost any Liquor would probably taste fine.
Bourbon, Whisky, Rum etc…

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