What is "tinned custard"?

I would really like to make the recipe for Ravneet Gill’s rhubarb and custard tray bake published in today’s Guardian. I live in Massachusetts. Is there an equivalent to tinned custard in States?

It is simply “canned” custard.

Thanks. Do you know if there is an equivalent of it in the US? 4 cans for almost $20 isn’t an appealing purchase.

Sorry… I don’t. Why not just make your own?


Thank you.

Kozy Shack makes vanilla pudding in a plastic container in the dairy coolers.

You could also use Hunts Snack Packs (in the non refrigerated aislel or Jello Pudding cups.

My first impulse was jarred lemon curd. Bonne Maman’s is available here in PA at regular groc stores.

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You don’t need an egg custard – you make a cornstarch custard or substitute vanilla pudding (made from boxed is fine), just thin it a bit.

Years ago I used to buy and liked this product made my Land O’Lakes and enjoyed it. The link is for Canada but it is widely available in the US, too.


Lemon curd is delicious but absolutely not the same as custard.

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I’m visiting my mother in Columbus and went to a World Market a few days ago. Now that I recall, I saw packets of Birds custard powder. Has anybody ever used it? (This was before I read the Guardian and saw the recipe so I would have to go back). Would that work? I’ve never made custard or pudding from scratch - and it’s probably been over 35 years since I even bought a box of pudding mix for anything. I don’t think I want to put any lemon flavor in the recipe.

Yes, Birds is instant cornstarch custard.

Similar to a box of vanilla pudding that uses cornstarch (Royal or similar at your grocery store).

You can just make it yourself if you have cornstarch and vanilla, though. As it’s an ingredient in a bake, it isn’t as critical as if you were pouring custard over cake or fruit.



I know that. Was looking at that recipe and spitballing how I would have considered substituting.