What is this mini creamer for jus called?

I am organizing some shelves at work and need to label things we put on them. We use these ceramic mini servers for both milk/cream and also for jus/gravy.

I could just label them creamers but I want to also indicate somehow that they’re used for jus and gravy. Do these mini jugs have a technical umbrella name?


I just know them as jugs.

Maybe they have a specific name where you are in the world. Have a look at websites which sell catering equipment and the like to see how they are named.

My label would say “milk/cream” and below that “jus/gravy”. I’d fear that anything less direct would go right over some people’s heads. Cute little things!

These things often feature on the various versions of TV show Masterchef in the UK - used for sauce. I’m not sure quite why - it’s not the sort of thing you’re ever presented with in a restaurant. I suppose it allows a camera shot of the plate, without sauce, while the food is breathily described always ending with a shot of the sauce being poured over the dish with the words “and a lamb sauce” (or whatever), in somewhat orgasmic tones.

By the by, I’ve looked at a couple of British catering industry wholesalers where they seem to be called “individual jugs” or simply “small sauce jugs”

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We present and serve our tasting menu with these mini servers at our restaurant. We use them for both coffee creamers and for red wine jus and gravy.


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Thanks. I’ve seen them on various websites called:

  1. creamers
  2. jugs
  3. servers
  4. pitchers

That’s why I’m not sure exactly what to label them. Was hoping there would be a proper name for them. But maybe not.