What is the Santa hat replacement thing supposed to be?


But are you authorized to grant a free subscription?!


bring on the airing of grievances if I’m wrong hahahahaha


Jr willing be handing out door prizes as everyone exits the building :smile:


Correct!!! YAY!!!

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For those unfamiliar


Just saw the annual Festivus Blrnd Booskerdoo Coffee and saw the pole, so I logged on to share the news… Oh well!

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I’ve utilized the search function and checked every category. I even checked the topic list twice.

Where is the thread for the airing of grievances?

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This one?

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I thought that one was for grievances related to restaurants. I refer to (in the spirit of Festivus) the airing of grievances concerning the honourable members of this august body of HO’s.


That is done at the party!

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I heard that about you.




And now there’s a face instead of the Festivus pole, but even on my laptop, I can’t figure out who it is!!! Anyone??


Bob Ross, maybe?


As someone posted above, it’s Jerry Stiller, whose Seinfeld character Frank Costanza supposedly invented Festivus:

How did Festivus come to be? It’s best to let its fictional creator, Frank Costanza (Jerry Stiller), explain:

“Many Christmases ago, I went to buy a doll for my son. I reached for the last one they had, but so did another man. As I rained blows upon him, I realized, there had to be another way!”

The doll was destroyed. But the elder Costanza saw its end as a boon: “Out of that, a new holiday was born! A Festivus for the rest of us!”


The Human Fund Award!


OMG I recently received a package (NOT something I had ordered), and while I didn’t ‘recognize’ the product as coming from someone I knew, the moment I read the note, I knew who it was. It started with “James has made a donation in your name to the Human Fund…” KILLED me.


I do it for the Ho-Hos.