What is the lure of Aldi's Market?

(Dan) #84

Dark chocolate babka was a big hit with the kids this wknd. Aldi is also offering babka with red peppers and another with onion and potatoes.

We served the dark choclate as the base for a ice cream sundae and the savory ones we sliced and added to an egg bake. Very quick shortcuts for a crowd.


Know about those large families.

(saregama) #86

First savory babka I’ve heard of - sounds delicious, and what a great idea to use it in a bake! I bet it would make a mean strata / savory bread pudding.

(ChristinaM) #87

I started getting their new cage-free eggs for around $2.09 instead. Regular eggs are about $1.08 currently.

(ChristinaM) #88

I think you meant to reply to Rooster…

I didn’t see any babka, but sounds intriguing.

(saregama) #89

Ah yes, I couldn’t find my reply, now I know why :joy:


The only Aldi’s I’m aware of anywhere near me isn’t actually near me, nor accessible by convenient (to me) public transportation. And since I already do most of my “everyday” shopping at small independent stores whose prices are much lower than my local-est chain supermarket, i have little incentive to make a time-consuming special trip to even check out Aldi’s. But…

It sounds like you didn’t actually try any of those? You can’t taste pretty or clever packaging or marketing verbiage, so arguably even more than not being able to “judge a book by its cover”, how can one judge a product just by looking at it on the shelf?

(Dan) #91

Some of the babka was shelved near the bread and some of it was displayed by the check out registers.

(Dan) #92

LOL, looking under the lid is valuable. My wife and I shop everywhere, loyal to no particular market. Spoiled by ever growing options, we make a few hours of hittting up on favorite foods purchased that week by best price. Be it the butcher, Aldi, Asian market, local ShopRite, marriage mail circular or app alert…we hit at least 9 stores a month…with many last min. purchases along the way.

In our area of NJ, Aldi is working around the clock to open a refurbished space, a superstore, directly across from a highway where they occupy space now while the new Lidl chain is about to open doors a state of the art superstore with big hiring signs along the same highway.

Food shopping is the new spectator sport and that little Aldi discount store is about to enter a new race.

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #93

Aldi’s gets a mention in the latest “Thursday Next” novel by Jasper Fforde, as being part of a multiverse trade agreement, which is why you don’t recognize any of the brand names. (To be fair, I saw this idea suggested in someone’s blog a couple of years ago.)

I’ll give a thumbs-up to their “Season’s Choice” line of frozen vegetable blends. We really like the Wheatberry Curry, but the Harvest Blend is also good. One bag is enough for a small meal for the two of us. (I believe all the Season’s Choice products are vegan.)

(Dan) #94

Is this reference. soon to be released Early Riser or the novel before it? I’m behind in my JFf reading.

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #95

“The Woman Who Died a Lot”. I’m behind also.

To say on-topic, Aldi’s Greek yogurt is pretty good, though very limited in flavors.

(Dan) #96

Siggi’s for me. I found Aldi version too watery. Thxs for the book info.