What is the lure of Aldi's Market?


Wow! 88 cents for a doz eggs is sort of scarey to me. How can the chickens be fed or housed well? I get my eggs from a farmer and pay dearly but I know he isn’t getting rich selling eggs.

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A dozen gold hen eggs were $1.79 this week at my local Aldi.

Which by the way is being remodeled.

I think Lidl has them scared.

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We buy fancy eggs, too, but we go through so many that it’s not really affordable to buy them all the time.


I don’t go there often but they have good pricing on quality products. Produce needs to be used quickly.


Aldi fried shrimp are pretty damn good! Try those in your toaster oven and you will be surprised.

Any other good frozen stuff people like here?

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As it should, the stores are much nicer. And the prices are still good.


I live within a short drive from Aldi and Lidl and shop at both frequently, sometimes both on the same day. Prices are pretty darn similar. My Aldi is older and smaller but has their buying down pat so produce is usually quite fresh and has a decent lifespan once purchased.

My Lidl is still figuring things out and sometimes has over purchased produce which has aged. But they seem to be proactive and will make some deep markdowns. Great if it’s something you are prepared to use that day.

The Lidl is a more pleasant shopping experience due to better lighting, wider aisle, larger selection, free carts. The staff at my Aldi’s is much more pleasant, faster check out and experienced enough to nip potential problems in the bud.

Between the two I save a lot of money and have found many private label items that I am very happy with.

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I don’t buy much frozen there. But I do like the jumbo peeled shrimp (too bad they are precooked), frozen fancy green beans, and sliced okra. The wings are a good price, though they are brined. I just saw riced cauliflower and will get some next time we run out.

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I’ve only been to the nyc Aldi once or twice out of curiosity, and it mostly scared me off. The inside was pretty depressing, things were strewn around, and the produce section was unappetizing.

There were also packages of refrigerated pasta sitting out by the dried pasta (a few were in the refrigerator case too, go figure) - which didn’t give me great comfort regarding general food safety.

I didn’t see any organic produce or dairy then - probably worth a periodic revisit. TJ tends to have better prices on those than most places here.

I’ve always been curious what people’s favorite Aldi products were - took me a while to figure that out after TJ opened up near me, but folks are very vocal about what they love there!


Aldi’s has a lot of variability from location to location, even within the same area. Mine now has one of the end caps with organic produce. Lidl has more organic over all.

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Thanks! I haven’t been in over a year, so probably due a visit. It’s not a convenient-to-public-transport location, which makes it harder.

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Oh yeah, I totally forgot to mention that the cheap organic dairy and sometimes reasonably priced cage-free eggs are draws. I haven’t bought much organic produce because the selection is incredibly small at my store and I’m cheap and picky - if I’m going to pay a premium for organic, I want it to be local and in excellent condition, too), but I did just get some tomatoes that were decent.


Interesting – my local Aldi carries 12-oz bags of wild-caught Gulf shrimp – 20-24 count (so respectable, if not huge) – for just $5.99 a bag.

I’ve been buying quite a lot of produce there – the local flea market that features a big produce vendor area is on summer hours, and everything I’ve been getting from Aldi lately has been good quality with a good lifespan in my fridge.


On a map i’m close to Aldi’s, but logistics make it take longer than it should to get there.
It seems to be a good source for dry goods more than anything else IMO. Although they had more cured fish than i would have expected.
My big finds there have been european mustards and jams and condiments I didn’t know i needed, boxed spatzle and good chocolate. The produce there has been really disappointing the few times i went, I think their regular shoppers in the area buy produce elsewhere (or maybe stick with the frozen selection?)

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I like the idea of those, and was buying them, but they have a sort of odd metallic flavor to me and my husband.

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Spaetzle, chocolate, lox, and the odd jar of Indian sauce or bottle of American Chinese condiment - I pop on all those. But I feel like my store doesn’t carry very much in the way of international selections. Maybe they don’t think there’s a market for it in Asheville?

I do have to say, most of the bottles of wine I bought have been undrinkable. There’s one Lodi Pinot Noir that is tolerable, but that’s about it. Can anyone recommend a current bottle?


Aside from those semi random european things I don’t remember even seeing something like hot sauce, and if they carry tofu i never found it.
Negative on any wine at nyc location. Maybe it’s good for sangria…?

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Yes, I bought some chocolate when I went. As with all stores, location influences what they carry, and I’m sure that’s true even more for this one.

I don’t know if I trust this store’s food safety practices for refrigerated or frozen foods given my past experience…


I can buy various Indian sauces, hot sauce of several ethnicities, and their always good selection of German foods.

The house wine is quite drinkable. Too good for sangria tbh.

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The Aldi we hit a few x’s a month has been a game changer for family parties. We have a large family, 33 people ages 89 to 17 and two weeks ago we put out a very nice spread for under $100. The jarred pickles, olives, roasted peppers, assorted nuts, cheeses, citrus, apples, melon, berries, mixed breads, frozen scallops and shrimp, a few rock cornish hens, salads, frozen dessert cheesecakes and ice creams would have been double the price…plus paper goods.

The canned white meat chicken at a $1.69 is still one of my fav quick meal fixins on one of those 4 pack brioche buns.

There are a few items we tried from the dry goods bins that were too salty or tasted like a weak knock offbut nothing that broke the bank for trying.

I also noticed more organic items. With this NJ location expanding, we are hoping more items will be offered on the shelves.

Aldi doesn’t replace the rest of our shopping rotation, there are a dozen markets in our immediate area, but they are a solid on many items we did pay more for before Aldi arrived.

Now that my niece is interested in cooking, I create care packages from Aldi staples.