What is the lure of Aldi's Market?

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Me too:

And the whole meal cost $15 for two including the fish.

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Here’s an example of an Aldi’s “copy-cat” brand:


Not in the US, but Aldi in Australia seems similar. I find they have a few really great products - although they are often short run lines and thus are only there for a couple of months - which gets frustrating.

I do find some of their French cheese can be pretty good at the price they charge - but that may be a reflection of the outrageous cost of our local cheese.

However, I do find a lot of their own branded goods are just OK for my taste - i can see the attraction of the price/quality point for many of their customers but overtime I try them I find my self returning to the established brands especially when on special (just like your chocolate example).

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I had always wondered how people could make Aldi their primary store. Then I went to an Aldi other than the nearby one and was enlightened. The “new” Aldi was about four times the size of the one I had been going to. So I was basically trying to compare a large convenience store to a decent-sized grocery store.

I picked up canned pineapple, evaporated milk, and Greek yogurt, all much cheaper than at the supermarket, even when it’s on sale!


I agree, the first Aldi I visited out in Milford, CT. was kind of small. When I get a chance, I will check out one of their larger markets and see how it compares…

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When we left Aldi the other day, Mark said to me, “Any time we go in we see these people wandering the aisles listlessly. (I guess a few have shopping lists.) But I look at them and ask myself, ‘Aldi lonely people, where do they all come from?’”

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Yeh & over in the pepper aisle they have red peppers, green peppers &…


This is enough to get me in there

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I will see your massive chocolate display and raise you a couple of Winking Owl displays at $ 2.19 a bottle:


Chocolate is my drug of choice!


We buy the pino grigio and the shiraz because we like them! They re good “house wines” when we just want to sip, or when dinner is a little too humble to open a more sophisticated bottle. Can’t beat them for cooking wines.

I bought them as a joke, initially, but the jokes on me!

I’ve seen several articles around the web saying that they’re made by Gallo.

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You’re clearly not in New Jersey. Alcohol sales are severely limited–only two licenses are granted to any one owner, so only two Wegman’s in the entire state, for example, can sell beer or wine.

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Seems Aldi is gaining ground in the US. But here Lidl has surpassed them and become more popular. There are more Lidls than Aldis these days and more Aldis are disappearing.

Check out the wine selection in southern Germany. There also stronger stuff.


Click on anything on left to see other categories: https://www.aldi-sued.de/de/sortiment/aus-unserem-sortiment/neu-im-sortiment/

Aldi Netherlands’ wine selection (scroll directly to bottom and click on the wine photos): No liquors, however.


The rest (Aldi Netherlands again):



Is Winking Owl Aldi’s labeled wine?

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Yep. Or as we refer to it Hwinking Auwl, mit a heavy Teutonic akzent.


I’m so thankful that Wegmans was instrumental in getting the Commonwealth of MA to change their laws to allow each store they open to be able to sell alcohol. Led to a change in the “franchise” rule, meaning the cap on the # of franchise liquor sales licenses has changed. Before 2012, a franchisee/chain could only hold 3 licenses, but it was changed to five in 2012. In 2016, they can hold 6, and in 2020, it goes up to nine.

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Well I bootleg.


it’s $2.89 here in the Sunshine State - a bargain by any standard – especially considering that the stuff is actually drinkable.

They have a slightly more upscale label, too, called Flirty Bird – haven’t tried that one yet.

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T Here is no wine and only 3.5 beer allowed in grocery stores and convenience stores here in Oklahoma. That will be changing in October. Maybe then Aldi’s will bring its line of beverages. Produce is a somewhat limited selection but much better prices than even Walmart’s Neighborhood Markets.

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I shop Aldi for most staples and spend considerably less on groceries (maybe 40% less?) than I did at local grocery chains (Harris Teeter and Safeway) and Trader Joe’s. The selection could be more diverse - would love some parsley, coconut milk, tofu, and Asian ingredients - but it’s hard to beat a dozen eggs for $.88, organic milk under $3, Persian cucumbers under $2. We average $120-150/shop, which lasts more than a week with a few items bought elsewhere.