What is the Best Smoker or Grills for Cooking BBQ for Outdoor Party?

I want to buy an offset smoker Grill device for cooking BBQ for Outdoor Party with friends. But I’ve confused to choose it? Can anyone suggest me for this topic please?

How much barbecue do you want to cook, and what meats do you want to cook? I personally cook pork shoulders and butts using weber grills, and have had great success after lots of practice. You can fit 30-35 pounds of meat on a Weber, I have two for a large annual party for around 70 people – and we always have some left over. (The more meat, the easier it is to maintain temperature.) Offset smokers are easier for cooking a wide variety of meats at once, and you can fit a whole lot of meat on one for a huge gathering, but you can’t get that delicious char and the extra layer of flavor you get from a period of direct heat.

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We just bought a Traeger pellet grill and have nothing but wonderful things to say about it.

thank you for your details guide. It’s really helpful for me

Thank you for your suggesting. I will keep mind it when I will buy

You might want to look at this: Good One Open Range