What is our group identity here on Hungry Onion?????

Snack Masters or Shit Heads .

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I appreciate the no nonsense approach.

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Ho Hounds, or HoHos for short…

While HO is easy to type, it is not easy to pronoun. I am partially responsible for the Funyuns thing because I like to eat Funyuns more than Onions.

As for the name, I think a two-syllable word will be nice. Too many syllables, then it is not snappy. One syllable is just a sound.

“HO” is not easy to pronounce? You’re kidding, right?


It is just a sound, I mean. Maybe I should say that it does not come across as a word (forget about the possibility of being offensive, which is not that high of a priority to me)

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Maybe you’re thinking of OH.

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I do like scallion and shallot.

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Chow Ho’ is two syllables, just like Chow Hound. :slight_smile:


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I propose “Chow On” in light of this.

On – because Onion, but also because it is a word.

Chow-On has two meanings. 1st, Chow-Onion which illustrates our history and transition, but “Chow-On” also makes perfect sense on its own.

I like Hunions, because it’s ok to vent for a while, but eventually it will be nice to close the door on the past and just walk away.


Love it!

Hunion is cool.

Someone had used the term Sprouts which I rather liked. A Sprout is the beginning of something wonderful. While most of us began out conversation on CH we’ve now dispersed and are growing new roots here.

Can we call ourselves the “Horde”?

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Might make it difficult to get dinner invitations…


I think you need to do one of your charts, or graphs’ on the various names we have here and which is/are the most popular. I think we need a line graph and maybe a pie chart, oh…pie…I like pie apple is my favorite. Can you throw in an apple pie too? Thanks!


The Horde of Apple Pie.


I here by Knight Thee; The Horde of Apple Pie !!

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